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Super 10 Tiebreak Challenge

@Royal Klang Club

June 4, 2017

First Monthly Super 10 Tiebreak Challenge Singles Round-robin

A half day event of tennis for singles and doubles are played in a… 29 more words

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Move often and live well

When I think about the strongest people historically, prior to conventional athleticism, I think of farmers, masons, carpenters, those who spent long days lifting materials, climbing scaffolding, carrying heavy weights over some distance, representing some of the (functionally) strongest individuals of the time period. 713 more words


Training for Training...

I remember learning to ride a bike. For weeks and months beforehand I sat in a chair in my room, moving my legs up and down, up and down, in a gentle ellipse, my hair dancing in the breeze of the fan in front of me (for enhanced real world simulation). 347 more words


Results Wrought of Consistency

“A workout is not something to grab and drag like a rag doll or go through like a turnstile or endure like the passing of a kidney stone.

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Mannequin Challenge


More than just tennis going on in RKC courts when you put a bunch of ATP/WTA wannabes together…


By Amanda Wong n Krystal See

The Daily Spin

Crazy Tough Kettlebell Exercise Complex

Its been awhile but here is a fun and highly challenging #kettlebell workout.

Named after Swing This Kettlebell Mascot Bruce the Pug, here is the Bruce Complex.

Two Words….. Be Careful

Joe Daniels