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New Year's Eve 2013/2014

To a good new year!
May you be happy and well
May we live in peace

RL Happenings

From Push to Pain

Day 2 of walking and rowing. Push that foot. This is what went through my head during the last quarter mile:

port… 13 more words

RL Happenings

Another Step Forward

Things were VERY bad this morning. I was extremely stressed out. Many issues that are “real” and probably some that only seem to be issues because of lack of sleep or insufficient hydration or whatever. 408 more words

RL Happenings

Balancing Act

It’s the weekend, NOT a time for rest but a time to get done all those chores that can’t get done during the work week. The weather has been crazy warm – totally unseasonable and a bit odd, but VERY useful for getting done all the things I couldn’t do in the fall because I couldn’t really walk. 117 more words

RL Happenings

Winter Afternoon

snow turning to sleet
warm fire in fireplace
soft kitten in lap

stew cooking on stove
glass of red wine in my hand
staying home – priceless

RL Happenings

Facing Reality

Yesterday I went over the river and through the woods. Not to my grandmother’s house, but to work HQ. The delusion is that I can make the drive without becoming fatigued. 513 more words

RL Happenings


Eyes focused on me
Five beings with but one thought
Dinner! Feed us NOW!

RL Happenings