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The Great Incarceration

As my friend Honour has pointed out, I haven’t mentioned the major change coming into the lives of my 3 cats. They aren’t going to like it. 847 more words

Nature Is Inconvenient

I have been accused of being heartless, and perhaps that is so. In years past, birds have built nests under the air conditioners in our upstairs windows. 476 more words

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Artistic Confidence

Are you creative? Are you artistic? Do you have an eye for balancing an image? My friend, the Fundy Migrant, :) is taking a course on photography… 813 more words

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A small personal history

May 13 is Mothers’ Day this year. May 13 also happens to be my mother’s yahrzeit. *rueful smile* My mother, may her memory be blessed, always understood the importance of timing. 1,450 more words

RL Happenings


It only took 269 days but I managed to “payback” my sister and make her laugh. I confess I am grinning, too. You may recall from my Trans-Canada saga, that on our very first morning out on the open road, Honour and I stopped at Horseshoe Canyon. 420 more words

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Longing for Spring

growling gray skies
cold rain lashing the windows
spring hides below ground

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Let's Elect Vacuum Cleaners

A member of my extended family – really, my husband’s family – posted to Facebook yesterday asking for recommendations on vacuum cleaners. Her much-loved vacuum of nearly TEN YEARS had died, and she wondered what she should buy to replace it. 506 more words

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