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RMAF 2016: Wavelength and Vaughn play with lots and lots of fire

Jim Jordan of Vaughn Loudspeakers has been showing with vintage plasma tweeters from DuKane for the last few years, but this $20,000 Plasma Signature is the first I can recall with them integrated into the overall casework. 516 more words


RMAF 2016: Wilson, VTL Punch it to Warp 10

Call it “Wilson Audio: The Next Generation.” The speaker enterprise’s soon-to-be captain, Daryl Wilson, seems poised to take his crew boldly into the future.

The proof wasn’t floating in space dock or stuck in a transporter, it was sitting — fully materialized — seven feet away from me in a ground-floor room at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. 766 more words


RMAF 2016: Nagra, Kronos, and Avalon Acoustics provide precision with emotion

This was probably the most beautiful looking room at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this year to me. I mean your eyes just kinda went ‘ 348 more words


RMAF 2016: MA-Recordings and Bach on Analog Tape

I wasn’t expecting that unassuming wooden box sitting on Todd Garfinkle’s table at RMAF this year. MA-Recordings is a very well-known label (to me, at least); I’ve been quite taken with Garfinkle’s extraordinary recording work for many, many years. 410 more words


RMAF 2016: Wave of amplification from Austin Acoustics

I walked into the Austin Acoustic room, and just kept silently mouthing “what the f*ck?” for about a minute as I shuffled around the room awkwardly, my mind trying to compute the wall of amplifiers, and the massive loudspeakers that seemed to be connected to… 428 more words


RMAF 2016: Iconic Revival with Technics SL-1200 G

How do you follow a legend? With another legend, apparently.

This spring, Technics revived its 1970s icon, the SL-1200 direct-drive turntable. After spending several years out of production, the SL-1200 returned in a special limited edition that included many audiophile tweaks not dreamed of during its heyday. 645 more words


RMAF 2016: AudioQuest jams with new Niagara and DragonFly

AudioQuest recently released a new set of DragonFly ultra-portable computer DACs, the Red ($199) and Black ($99). The difference, perhaps obviously, isn’t just color — in addition to some upgraded parts, the Red nearly doubles the output voltage from 1.2v to 2.1v, which should be  207 more words