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An Autumn Reassessment – Will the fallout from China favour equities, bonds or the US Dollar?

Macro Letter – No 40 – 28-08-2015

An Autumn Reassessment – Will the fallout from China favour equities, bonds or the US Dollar?


Understanding the difference

The Chinese currency has often been in news for various reasons. One of the most debated issues has been China’s mercantilist policy of artificial undervaluation of its currency against the US dollar to give its exports an “unfair” price advantage. 373 more words


Chinese Ministry of Commerce: This year exports are not optimistic but still growing. RMB Devaluation is a double-edged sword

Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang on Wednesday (August 19) said that this year’s foreign trade situation is more complicated than expected grim, the annual export is not optimistic, but still expected positive growth, decline in imports will continue to narrow. 830 more words


What China's currency devaluation means for the world's trade deals

With the sudden depreciation of China’s renminbi, it’s worth looking at the link between currency values and trade agreements. China’s currency last week dropped by a cumulative 4.4% against the U.S. 626 more words


Weekly Importer / Exporter Analysis 8-17-15

Exporters sweep the week in a surprising change of pace.  The shakeup of an unexpected devaluation of Chinese yuan of 4% caused traders to think that the Federal Reserve might postpone a rate increase due is September.  214 more words



This week’s yuan devaluation was big news, but it’s really part of a much bigger saga. Events around the globe are combining to create huge economic change over the next few years.

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All the Beer in China

by Brad Houle, CFA
Executive Vice President

Currency markets are extremely difficult to grasp and most people’s experience with foreign currency is limited to travel. These experiences generally involve moments where someone realizes they just paid roughly six dollars for a Diet Coke at the Eiffel Tower or that they can buy a substantial amount of beer for the equivalent of a dollar in China. 509 more words

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