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The Cucaracha Scare Situtation

Here’s how it went:

I was just minding my own business taking my contact out of my eye and about to place it in the contact holder when all of a sudden I feel these prickly little things on my foot.   233 more words


A Letter To Captain Kitchen Roach

Dear Captain Kitchen Roach

Good evening, you scurrying six-legged bastard.

Now that it is Springtime, I see you have decided to return from your long winter’s vacation. 840 more words

The Daughter Diaries

Want to Avoid Roaches?

Not to offend anyone, but on this subject, from experience, I need to be blunt. Roaches feed off of grease and proteins, so if you haven’t cleaned under, around or behind your fridge, stove and sink (or the rest of the house), do not be surprised if you have difficulty getting rid of roaches. 628 more words

Pest Control Tips And DIY Treatment

the encroaching roach.

I moved into a new apartment over the weekend. It’s a tiny studio with bay windows, hardwood floors, and old white interior shutters. It’s cozy, open, full of light, and infested with cockroaches. 226 more words


The Roach

You know it’s never a good sign when you move into a new place and see the former owner has left behind a can of roach spray. 322 more words

Everyday Life

Bug Begone!

To be scared is normal, to be fearful, is a little more serious but relatively normal, to have a phobia-which evokes an emotion that goes beyond words but the closest would probably be terror is God-awful. 724 more words

Living A Life Off-Center