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Evening Chuckle/Crow and Road Kill Study

A recent study on crow intelligence was released recently observing crows at an intersection.  There was a distinct pattern in which they took paint samples from crows that had been run over and matched to vehicle types.  65 more words


The Death of Kamikaze the Red Squirrel

My work colleagues will probably think I’m milking it, but having to dispatch or, rather, dispose of a fluffy and otherwise cuddly squirrel was the aspect of the job description I was least excited about having to fulfil. 504 more words


Introductions: Marian Drew

For a while I have been thinking about showcasing today’s artist and I have decided it is now time. Her name is Marian Drew and she is an Australian Artist who uses photography as her medium. 678 more words


Road Kill

Stilled life on asphalt
Once dashing and daring
Now a bloody gestalt.
Once warm and caring.
Biped, quadruped,
Even one on a moped.
Anything goes,
If you go too slow.

Musings - Current Events/life

The Etiquette of Road Kill

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  I mean, we do live in the country on a rural road that has a non-posted speed limit of 55 mph. 557 more words


Intestines, pancreas, lungs, splayed onto the street side
Tucked away in decomposing, cardboard coffin
The smell of rot, the squish, poking sticks
Is the mortician as careless with his scalpel as we were with tapering maple? 191 more words


Voter-approved wildlife crossing

Here is an example of what can happen when people put their money where their mouth is.  If AZ can do it, NM can do it! 19 more words

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