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The bumper crop of America

When I stepped out of my vehicle in the Remote Parking Lot at O’Hare airport, it shocked me to look at the front end of the car across from mine. 1,171 more words


17.07.2017: Speed Kills

17.7.2017, CUMBRIA: Dead grey squirrel on the brow of the hill this morning. A thick oil paint blood puddled around its little head. Eyes wide open. 61 more words

Summer 2017

Colly back road soundscape

There are two ways to get from the Ridge to Collarenebri. The first, and the one that most people use, is to head south on the Castlereagh Highway towards Walgett, then turn east. 1,268 more words

The road to entitlement

e I had a great run this morning. Averaged 8:45 per mile over six miles, with a warmup mile of 9:25 and a closing mile of 8:49. 2,595 more words


How Do Street Cats Die? (WARNING: Graphic images of deceased cats)

Stray animals are the voiceless citizens of our society. Unlike humans, they can’t speak up and tell us what’s wrong. Or ask us for food and shelter. 406 more words


Florida Man On Motorcycle Crashes Into Alligator

Just after midnight, on Friday, a Florida man was speeding down the highway when he collided with an 11-foot alligator, who was crossing. The 27-year-old man was thrown from his Suzuki GSX-S. 26 more words


Road Kill

I prefer my road kill as dead as possible:

its face ripped off,

its paws dragged along

the last mile and a half of the interstate, 136 more words