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Intestines, pancreas, lungs, splayed onto the street side
Tucked away in decomposing, cardboard coffin
The smell of rot, the squish, poking sticks
Is the mortician as careless with his scalpel as we were with tapering maple? 191 more words


Voter-approved wildlife crossing

Here is an example of what can happen when people put their money where their mouth is.  If AZ can do it, NM can do it! 19 more words

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Skwerpockt (Of Squirrels and Men)

My Dad’s older brother Eddie spoke very rapidly and slurred his words together. If he said, “Hey, how’s it going and what have you been up to?” it sounded something like “Hayowzagoen, ehwuvbuptoo?” His sisters and brothers could mostly follow what he was saying, but everyone else tried to pick out a word or two to get the gist. 661 more words


Feline Finale

June 16, 2015:  Barry Cauchon

Don’t get depressed.  It’s only a cartoon cat that Curiosity killed!

Stay happy.  Be happy.  Live happy!  And love your pets! 6 more words


Hang on, Kirby. Hang on.

What brought him to this? So few options when clinging to a ledge. See life going down the drain. Go ahead. Leap that 30 feet to the ground. 630 more words


Road Death

The bitumen bears evidence

of a death by dangerous running 83 more words


WOULDN'T IT BE COOL (nice) IF . . .

. . .  we  could eliminate war, crime, injustice, disease, hunger, poverty, pollution and … rap “music” ?  We cannot hope to get rid totally of any of these horrors any time soon.  217 more words