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Living a Road-kill Lifestyle

“I have such a crazy busy day, I don’t know how I’ll get everything done.”

     We have all said those words – felt the build up of stress they evoke – experienced the exhaustion as that day ends only to begin again tomorrow in the same fashion. 347 more words



Four times now
I have driven past a shrinking heap
of long black feathers:
unmistakably vulture,
apparently untouched.

These birds do not readily
eat their own, 141 more words


Road Kill?

Margo, don’t read this post.

I am still processing and assimilating the changes and shifts from my Uluru Wellness Adventure. Insights will start to come through over the next couple of days, I am sure. 957 more words


RIP My Friend Harry

I am still very much processing the retreat and the impact it has made on my life; I am changed.

However, that is not what this post is about because today, my friend Harry died. 532 more words


Moree pound and Colly offal pit

Maadhaay ngay nhalay. Gayrr nhama Jambo. That’s Yuwaalaraay for ‘This is my dog. He’s called Jambo.’

Maadhaay nhalay Roxy. Yilaadhu yanaawaanha nhama pound-gu. ‘This dog is Roxy. 1,440 more words

Bay Area Highways Worst In State For Animal Collisions

DAVIS (CBS/AP) — If you are a commuter, Southern California freeways are your nightmare. If you happen to be a deer or coyote, the highways of Northern California, and in particular the San Francisco Bay Area, are a lot worse. 285 more words


The bumper crop of America

When I stepped out of my vehicle in the Remote Parking Lot at O’Hare airport, it shocked me to look at the front end of the car across from mine. 1,171 more words