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Friends or Enemies?

All looks happy in the pits during practice at Monza for the 1956 Italian Grand Prix which will take place on September 2. The calm look of Juan Manuel Fangio, wearing his helmet and goggles, and the big smile on the face of Enzo Ferrari hides the reality of a strained relationship between the driver and his constructor. 582 more words


2018 NYC Chapter 3: MY ANXIETY versus race logistics for the LARGEST MARATHON in the world.

The NYC Marathon was like a massive dose of exposure therapy for me. Some of you with anxiety may read this and think, “Why would you do this to yourself?” Some of you without anxiety may read this and think, “What the heck are you so worried about?” Either way, believe me when I tell you that LOGISTICS is where the race was the most intimidating. 2,707 more words

In the Fahrerlager

This is the old paddock at the Nürburgring at the time of the German Grand prix of August 5, 1956. This paddock was situated outside of the track and had a tunnel which went under the start/finish area and then giving access to the racing circuit. 442 more words


Fangio at Syracusa

Between 1951 and 1967 a non-Championship Grand Prix was held, generally in the Spring, on a 3.4 mile temporary public road circuit near the city of Syracusa on the Ionian coast of Sicily. 356 more words

KlemColl News

NYC 2018 Chapter 2: Training through heat, humidity, sore feet and self doubt.

The “A” goal was set in March 2018, I aimed to run the NYC Marathon on November 4, 2018 in 3:20. At this point, it was too early to begin specialized workouts for a race that was almost 8 months away. 1,339 more words

From Triathlon to Bike Racing. One Triathlete's View Into Making the Switch

Scary. Technical. Hard. The three descriptors I would use to describe road racing. As an outsider (read: triathlete) looking in (read: the cycling world) racing bikes without a swim before and a run after seemed dangerous and absurd. 905 more words


The Drivers' Meeting

A drivers meeting is rarely a deeply solemn affair, but here just look at the faces… These young men are standing in front of the pits at Spa-Francorchamps before the start of the Belgian Grand Prix on June 14, 1964. 494 more words