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Road Runner vs Lust

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Suggested by Destroyer Road Runner is a pretty fast bird and that has worked out pretty well for him over the years. That being said, Lust would have an easy time catching him. 44 more words


Vintage Detroit Muscle

There was a time when the Detroit auto makers were pumping out muscle cars with huge engines to rocket them down American highways.  Here are a couple of the offerings from Chrysler Corporation. 147 more words



What could be better than a two-hour endodontic treatment to re-do a root canal that costs as much as your monthly budget?

Why, the second part of the appointment next week for another two hours, and my first speeding ticket! 215 more words


Road Runner vs Pride

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Suggested by Destroyer Pride has control over the shadows and can easily throw a bunch of stab attacks at Road Runner until one lands. 36 more words


Trail to Road

Switching from road to trail running has its challenges, but so does switching from trail to road. First, you don’t want to run on the road with your trail shoes. 498 more words


Road to Trail

Does your experience running on the road transfer to running on trail?

You’re knowledge of how your body deals with running transfers, although, not perfectly. This is because you burn about ten percent more calories running trails, which means you are going to have to fuel your body more. 428 more words