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1974 Plymouth Road Runner - MPC

MPC and I have a rocky relationship, to start this whole thing off with. One of my first model kits ever was a MPC ’67 Pontiac GTO, which I build together with my dad nearly two decades ago. 840 more words

440 Magnum

Flare(s) for the Dramatic!

If there’s one thing you HAVE to say MPC knew how to do, it was take an out-of-date annual model and really dress it up for the following years. 76 more words

My Favourite Animation Series- The Road Runner Show

Animation is one of the best mediums to educate and entertain the children. The effects of these animations also last forever on your child’s memory. It is true because, I do remember the animated series, which I used to watch as a kid. 385 more words


Trolls, Bad Choices and No Acme Anvils - Grand Canyon Day pt 1

Up at 5:30 am.

Why? It was Grand Canyon day and we needed to arrive by 8:30 am. We had a tour booked. Pink Jeep… 923 more words


OFFENDED! A Maisie Menace Musical


Okay, I didn’t want to do yet another rant about games developers. In fact I really wanted to talk about something happy for a change, but I’m still in post-show blues and I’m feeling a need to address something that I’m seeing is becoming more and more of a problem in society. 1,305 more words


Beep Beep

Road runner creeping near us while camping.


Injured runner: Be still

I woke up Thursday with sore/tight quads.

Like, the slight soreness that you feel when you had a good workout the day before. Just enough that it is noticeable when you walk. 406 more words