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Volare Mid-Build Update: Sit Down and Feel the (Lean) Burn!

If it’s one thing that cars from the late ‘70s and early 80s had it spades, it was anemia. No matter how many gaudy decals, flares or other overwrought “appearance packages” they had stuck on them, there was little that could change what was stuck IN the cars of the time. 2,871 more words


Are you sitting at home and looking at two feet of snow? Or maybe you have a wonderful inch thick ice coating the roads. Tried of shoveling snow and chipping ice? 568 more words

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Road Runner Laguna Hills Wednesday Night Run Club Kicks off today!

I always felt like Orange County needs more group runs. I do run with South Coast Road Runners(Mondays and Thursdays), Snail’s Pace(Wednesdays), and Endurance House(Tuesdays), each group gets different group of people. 510 more words


1968 440 Road Runner Hood - $150

  • Has hood locks and ding in the front left front, not rusted out.

320-226-3193  shanescarparts@gmail.com

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When all you want to do is that one thing that you cannot do

For the past week or so I’ve been experiencing random “phantom pain” on my left knee.

Is it my stress fracture healing? Is it actual pain? 397 more words