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Yes The Senator Still Exists

Go ahead and say it–I’ve been MIA. Guilty as charged.

It’s been a heck of a month for me personally here at Tuck and outside of Hanover. 1,036 more words

Managing Your Brand

The other night at Murphy’s (hangout spot here in Hanover) a group of us touched on everything from unemployment to relationships in business school and everything in between. 809 more words


A Pile of Bricks

Unless you were an Investment Banking Analyst prior to joining business school, good luck on being prepared for the volume of information, work and general activities that you’ll have to inhale right at the start. 416 more words

Road To MBA

Losing the Battle to Win the War

I promised myself I would take the high road…

Last week, a mysterious meeting appeared on my calendar that my supervisor had set named “review/meeting”. It struck me as a bit odd since I’ll be leaving my post in a matter of days, but after my initial confusion I knew what it would be all about: The Final Dig. 717 more words


Nostalgia Kicks In

Pressing Pause

I had to stop myself in my tracks today. Amidst feverishly packing up all my stuff, and selling most of my possessions on Craigslist I stared at a Coffee Pot that should have had no meaning to me whatsoever. 627 more words


Ready, Set, Go!

Saturday marks the official start of the 46th annual Consortium Orientation Program aka ‘OP’. A couple of months ago I was complaining (yes, I called myself out) about the companies that were attending and the lack of opportunities that I REALLY wanted to pursue. 432 more words


How to NOT Enjoy Your Summer before B-School

Well, the title isn’t entirely correct. But yes, my summer is overbooked and will stay that way into August. Which means no time off in between work and school. 392 more words