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Publishing Victory: Racing Snails

Publishing is like racing snails.

An author writes as much as she can as fast as she can as best as she can. She works hard every day, striving to produce quality work in quantity, and she waits a loooooong time to see the results of her effort. 296 more words

Get Motivated: Express Yourself!

You give your body food and drink, and air to breathe. You give your mind nutrition, too, by remaining inquisitive and teachable. But most imiportant of all, you must feed your soul.

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#FirstDraft Planning Day 2: Basic Story Structure and Timeline Setup

Today’s story-prep tasks come from what was originally Day 4 in the FirstDraft60 process: Story Structure & Timeline. Yesterday, I posted the progress on all of the tasks in the comments; today, I decided to do it as the day’s blog post itself. 778 more words


Back to Basics: Types of Classes for Writers

By Jennifer Hallmark

So you want to be a writer. You’ve heard the stories about writer’s block, low pay, long hours, little feedback on blogs, and book sales you can count on your fingers. 594 more words

Fiction Writing Prompts

3 Questions Wednesday with Sara L. Foust

Happy Wednesday! Sara Foust is filling our last interview of the year and we are excited to introduce her debut novel, Callum’s Compass. Her novel won second place in Deep River Books’ 2017 Writer’s Contest… 490 more words

Fiction Writing Prompts

Bare List on Authenticity

Writing for publication can be a difficult road to navigate. The path is fraught with feedback from everyone from peers to publishers and that can make it tricky to create something publishable while staying true to yourself. 525 more words

Blog Tour - Guest Post from Jerico Lenk, Author of The Missing

I have a real treat for y’all today – a guest post from Jerico Lenk, author of the upcoming book The Missing: The Curious Cases of Will Winchester and the Black Cross… 686 more words

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