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My "How I got my agent" story

I used to read these stories all the time during my agent hunt. They used to inspire me and I’d even daydream about writing my own one day. 1,206 more words

Emily Lowrey

A Funny Thing Happened While I Was Reading MANSFIELD PARK . . .

A week or so ago, I posted the following on my Facebook page:

So while listening to my Annual Austen reading selection for this year, Mansfield Park, yesterday, I started pondering some questions:

1,492 more words

Love in Mistletoe Springs by Ginger Solomon and Friends

Today, we welcome our friend and former Crew Member, Ginger Solomon, on the blog to showcase her latest release, Love in Mistletoe Springs.

Hi, Ginger! So glad you could join us. 776 more words

Fiction Writing Prompts

How I'm Using Reading to Procrastinate the Inevitability of Finishing My Novel

Honestly, there is a whole plethora of worse things that I could be doing that are far more detrimental to my well being than reading books in order to procrastinate from writing right now. 686 more words

Random Thoughts

Get Your Manuscript Past the Gatekeeper #2: Uneven Narrative Flow

Hi! I’m still feeling pink. So pink is me!

Today we’re going to talk about something almost everyone needs to deal with. This is one of those topics that has to do with “art”. 520 more words

Jennifer M. Eaton

Get Your Manuscript Past the Gatekeeper #1: World Building

 Woo-hoo! As promised, here is the first of a running series of posts to help you “get past the gatekeeper” and have your submission read by the actual agent/editor you sent your baby to, and not just the intern. 858 more words

Jennifer M. Eaton

Fun Friday - A Sneak Peek at my Story in Progress

I promised that if y’all were good chickens, I’d share a little bit of my work in progress. I posted on my Facebook Page earlier this week that this is the first time in years that, instead of reaching for my Kindle to read in bed at night, I’m equally as likely to reach for my tablet or laptop and write before going to sleep. 1,608 more words