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Road tolls made easier in France for British motorists


Now the company that is in charge of the new toll system on the Dartford Crossing in Kent is offering drivers who make regular trips through France a tag that reduces the need to fumble for change or cards at the péage… 165 more words



He ended the situation where student rooms meant for 4 were harbouring 8 on the average. He invested in ICT and is largely making Wi-Fi easier to assess on campus. 1,303 more words

German vignette agreed - D-Day Eurotunnel/MFL

Last updated 20:30 GMT.

Channel delays: 15min delays DFDS Calais-Dover 23:00 due to port movements.

Weather alerts: Amber alerts low temps south west Spain, … 498 more words

Daily Briefing

Vignette vote too close to call

The long running controversy over a proposed 150% rise in the cost of Switzerland’s motorway vignette comes to a head in a referendum this Sunday.  276 more words


New Venice-Rome motorway + troubled A65, France.

A major motorway project between Venice and Rome gets the go-ahead, while there are conflicting reports about the health of A65 in the south west of France. 402 more words


Romania fuel tax for new roads - more peeps for Thessaloniki - new Porsche

Last updated 21:45 BST.

Channel delays: More adverse weather in the Channel. P&O Dover-Calais delayed by up to 60mins. DFDS Dover-Calais delayed by 45mins. 528 more words

Daily Briefing

Uncertain if new Dartford toll tag can also be used on French motorways (and vice versa)

Despite the same company running both systems it is not certain yet that the upcoming Dartford Toll system will be compatible with the French motorway Liber-T auto toll tag. 512 more words