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Toronto’s executive committee endorses road tolls, other new tax proposals

Members of Toronto’s executive committee have voted to ask the province for the power to toll local roads, such as the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) and Gardiner Expressway, and to potentially impose several new taxes. 384 more words


Tolls for Toronto roads will persuade suburbanites to spend their money at home and widen 416 / 905 divide

It’s not often I get to disagree with National Post’s esteemed Andrew Coyne, mainly because a) he is, more often than not, on the side of the angels on any discussion he jumps into and b) the worlds of cars and politics, especially local, don’t usually intersect broadly enough for both of us to wade into the same argument. 492 more words

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Kelly McParland: Two-buck road toll is a perfect fit for Toronto's tightwads

Mayor John Tory’s plan to charge a $2 toll for use of two key Toronto roadways reminds me of an episode from The Sopranos in which Tony ferries Meadow around prospective colleges in Maine. 843 more words

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Andrew Coyne: Tapping private capital for infrastructure a good idea, mostly

If it was not clear before, it should be now: we are entering a new era in Canadian public finance, the age of user pay. Mayor John Tory’s tentative endorsement of Toronto’s first road tolls is one sign. 895 more words

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Andrew Coyne: Toll roads make sense, but using them to raise revenues is terrible politics

The mayor of Toronto, John Tory, is today being lauded as a hero in some quarters. In others he is being cursed as a bum. These are not the sorts of terms one would ordinarily hear applied to the mayor, but then these are no ordinary times in the city that dares to be careful. 929 more words

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Chris Selley: Toll road proposal opens Toronto to strange new universe of paying for what it wants

Thursday was a remarkable day in the short political history of amalgamated Toronto: the mayor, having won power promising an ambitious and expensive suite of infrastructure-building projects that most everyone in the city claims to want, unapologetically proposed asking people to pay for them. 678 more words

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