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Great and not-so-great games for kids on road trips

Nashville, Tennessee to Tallahassee, Florida. Tallahassee to Memphis,
Tennessee. Memphis to Branson, Missouri. Those are all road trips I’ve
been on recently and while they might not be considered long road… 705 more words


6 Fun Road Trip Games!

What’s a trip if there are no fun and games to go with it! Below are some really enjoyable games to play on your next road trip that are going to make you roll on the floor with laughter! 402 more words

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Fun Road Trip Games from StateWide Ford

Nothing says summer like a road trip to your favorite place or maybe even somewhere you’ve never been before. And no matter where you are headed or with who, nothing spices up your ride like a couple road trip games but even after a few rounds of I Spy and Punch Bug, you and your road trip crew can get a little restless and bored. 544 more words

Statewide Ford

What To Do On Those Long, Long Trips...

Is that even a question?  What with 4+ gajillion games apps song videos whatchamahoozits available on your phone tablet laptop ipod game console, there can’t possibly be a shortage of things to keep a plugged-in wi-fi’d traveler entertained. 563 more words

5 Fun Games for Long Road Trips

I’ve probably been on more road trips than I can count. While it is one of my favorite things to do, sometimes it can get kind of boring. 550 more words


Audio Book Experiment on Road Trip: Last Day Traveling with The Travelers (Spring Break Edition)

We’re just returning from our whirlwind Traveling with The Travelers (Spring Break Edition) vacation, which took us from Northern Virginia to Northern New Jersey back down to southern Virginia, Williamsburg to be exact. 970 more words


How to Play Cow Poker

Cows are notoriously cleaver creatures. They are adept at hiding behind objects, buildings, and landscapes. Several bovine critters can hide behind the smallest of obstacles. Cows are more like mice than you think. 476 more words