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My boyfriend Deric and I have been going back and forth from Utah pretty much since I left for my internship in May, and it has been an adventure so far! 780 more words

Waterfall Shangri-la

Every time we get in the car, regardless of the season, I am so impressed with Pennsylvania’s scenery. It is an absolutely stunning state. Though we typically drive South or West, this weekend we packed up the camp gear, and the two dogs and headed North to the Appalachian Mountains. 437 more words


With our adventure now wrapped up in Florida, it’s time to return to the Golden State! But first, there’s Georgia. Aaaahhhhhh </:) Have a wonderful new week everyone! </:D

L.A. Stories

Trek to Raireshwar

Let me start by telling you a bit about the geographical location of Pune. Pune city is located on the leeward side of the Sahyadhris mountain range.   1,665 more words


Trippin' with a Guinea Pig  

Driving home to see my family and friends In south Carolina with my ex husband (a bad move) we somehow acquired a guinea pig on the last day of the trip. 150 more words


Day 25 - Gold Rush and Biker Bars

I’m hitting Deadwood, Sturgis, and both Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monuments today. Relative to my other days and destinations, these places are close enough together to hit just by throwing a rock. 1,197 more words


Day 337-338 - Lake Titicaca, Peru

We're struggling for time now so decided to try and get from Aguas Caliente to lake Titicaca in one day. Always seems easy looking at a zoomed out version on Google maps but the reality was a two hour trek down from Aguas Caliente at 5am, sitting in the pissing down rain for an hour waiting for a taxi to take us from the bottom of the trek for another hour to our car, driving for ten hours to get to lake Titicaca and then finally eating a shitty take away pizza as we arrived well after the restaurant was shut and collapsed in to bed. 326 more words