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Warbirds & Road Warriors

Following commemorations for the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day the Central NZ chapters of the Porsche & Ferrari Club took Sunday morning run to the Wairarapa to visit  445 more words


Scavenger Hunt

Week 1 of Spring Teva (Georgia) down, Week 2 of Spring Teva (CT) to go. On being back at Isabella Freedman: It’s comforting to be surrounded by familiar places and faces, except they’re also all different. 42 more words


2D1NKent- A Day At Dover

4-5 April 2015

In an attempt of an early celebration for our April babies(Mama, Ryan and Gillian), we decided to go Kent, South East of England. 878 more words


Zurich makes me sad

After our last experience with the French motorways and their exorbitant tolls we decided that our drive from Beaune to Zurich should primarily consist of back roads through villages and towns. 722 more words


Strategies To Make Your Travel A Breeze

Traveling can experience. Whether your travel is a road trip that takes you to a destination within your state, or overseas to visit some city you always dreamed of, you still need to keep some advice in mind. 14 more words


the oregon trail 

Day 1: Admit it, we all loved that day in computer class when you were finally allowed to play Oregon Trail, even though your oxen drowned in the river, Indians raided your food supply and your family died of horrible diseases and you had to leave them behind. 767 more words

The Maravilla Sunset

I just thought this one is worth sharing…so exactly a week ago, my friends and I had a roadtrip together for the very first time. 127 km. 34 more words