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Alaska Trip Day 5: Teslin, Yukon Territory

Odometer:  166,623

Day Distance & Time:  617 Miles; 9 hours 48 Minutes

Overall Trip Distance & Time:  2,924 Miles; 45 hours 33 Minutes

“It’s like driving through a Bob Ross painting,” I told Jason via walkie-talkie as we crested the Yukon Highway 1 near the Liard River today, with “happy” pine trees in the foreground and the looming, snowy peaks in the distance.   1,213 more words

Road Trip

Facing my fears...

So as you may or may not know I have a terrible fear of the water. I cannot swim so that does not help with the fear. 722 more words


We just finished a three-week road trip, two weeks of it in Texas. Our excuse this time was to visit our son in Corpus Christi for Mother’s Day weekend. 792 more words

The Question of Play

My sister-in-law thinks my sons are getting way too much playtime and not enough study time.  She’s afraid that they won’t develop the discipline necessary to stay put in one place, listen in class, do homework and successfully take exams.  1,310 more words

On the road

I am a happy vagabond.  Very happy with one exception that I’ll explain shortly.  I’m on a road trip that is almost totally unplanned and totally relaxing.  340 more words

Security & Pep Talks

The countdown continues!!  Less than two weeks away from our big adventure!

I still haven’t found a good name for our travel trailer.  I’m thinking Dixie or Gertrude, Gertie for short.   928 more words

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A touch of melancholia

Today I am feeling rather sad. Nothing desperate, just several glitters short of a sparkle. Pensively distracted. A wistful melancholy settling on my soul like low cloud, blocking the wider view. 315 more words