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Mad Max In Miniature

Just as my early-1980s adolescent brain was feasting on a steady diet of Dungeons & Dragons, comic books and all things Star Wars, Mad Max raced out of the Australian wastelands and into my world. 457 more words


Summer Road Warriors

The Road of the Damned

Sounds like some Trucker Noir, novel, doesn’t it? A lonely truck driver makes one last run to pay off a shady loan shark or lose his rig… While that might be a pitch for a new pulp fiction series (It would have to be in audio book format, because truckers can’t hold a book while they drive), I experienced my own little version of the Road of the Damned this past week. 791 more words

James L'Etoile

Why we bought a 2015 Heartland Road Warrior 425

The first RV we purchased just over a year ago was on a whim. We had decided to move away from California to be closer to family to settle down. 1,106 more words

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) Movie Review

Now onto the 2nd film of the original Mad Max trilogy, and possibly the 1 people think of most when they think of Mad Max, and if you’re reading this review, it suggests to me that you’ve seen Mad Max 1, so if you haven’t, beware, because this will spoil some of that film. 819 more words

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Black Clouds Hide Blue Skies

I left Phoenix on Tuesday with a plan to camp in Monument Valley that evening. The road was looking good and I was excited to finally get going….until this happened:   1,551 more words


Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome

To some Beyond Thunderdome is the best movie in the Mad Max original trilogy but to others it’s the worst. To me they all pale in comparison to… 828 more words


I'm Certainly Not Furious- Review of Fury Road.

Sometimes, I will see the first five minutes of a movie and know immediately that it will be a piece of work that I love. Of course, my intuition fails me on occasion and the film will fall short of the few minutes I feel for but Mad Max Fury Road kept up with the energy the opening scene promised. 428 more words

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