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Fangirly Presents Who Wore it Better: Summer Reboots

This summer gave us more sequels and reboots than we knew what to do with. Scratch that, we know exactly what to do with them. The Fangirly Fashion Police are standing by to determine who’s hot and who’s not from some of the biggest summer blockbusters, then and now. 297 more words

Targus DOCK110 Replaces The Need For Multiple Adaptors

The compact Targus DOCK110 Bus powered USB 3.0 to HDMI/VGA/GbE/2xUSB 3.0 offers a plug-and-play solution for connecting MacBooks, PCs, and Android devices with a USB port to external monitors up to 2560×1440 @ 50 FPS, wire-speed GbE, and other essential devices i.e mouse and keyboard. 67 more words


1979: Mad Max

One of this years biggest movies has definitely been Mad Max: Fury Road. I have yet to see it and I don’t know if I will, at least any time… 610 more words


Five Travel Hacks Learned From Life On The Go

In the past few years, I’ve had to travel A LOT, ~50,000 miles for work each year alone. This isn’t to try and measure dicks with anyone so-to-speak, but being on the road so often, I’ve picked up a few habits to smooth over the experience I thought I’d share with you all: 567 more words


The Joys of Being a #TFEL Road Warrior

#161225172 / gettyimages.com

My territory requires me to travel by air almost weekly…which causes me to fondly remember my old driving-only territory (oh the privacy!).  While I am one of the weirdos who actually enjoys air travel (for the most part…and because I’m now platinum medallion with Delta).   47 more words


Mad Max: Fury Road - movie review

One word: Un-fucking-believable.

Is that technically a word? It doesn’t matter. This movie was one of the most incredible visual experiences I have ever encountered. I didn’t see it on the IMAX screen or in 3D, yet it visually was on par with anything I saw in Avatar with those extra features. 477 more words


Hello world!

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to my first blog post.  I created this site for women on the go in the professional world – or as I like to say “executive jetsetters.” (copyright pending ha)  I’ll be covering topics from living and staying healthy as a road warrior, issues that affect women in the professional world, and what we can do in our downtime – if that ever happens ;)  Plus – we are still girls right?  

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