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Turbine Housing Prep

Since I was going to go with an external wastegate I didn’t need the flapper or anything connected to it.

Cracked, which is typical of used MHI turbos. 22 more words

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Boost Source

I needed to have a good boost source coming from the turbo.  I decided to drill and tap a stock bolt hole.  It turned out pretty good.   57 more words

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Compressor housing

I decided to polish (or at least start to polish) the turbo compressor housing.

Basic sanding.

Screw it! Got her powder coated!

M 39 more words

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Porting and Polishing

Time to port and polish the turbo!  I decided to do this not for the performance improvements but because I was hoping that in doing so it would reduce or eliminate any future problems resulting from the cracks in the housing.   193 more words

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If the video could be placed at the bottom of the blog, that’d be great!  :-)

When I was younger I went to a Catholic school. 325 more words

Black and Chrome Rocks

You can never go wrong with black and chrome.

This one always makes me smile! The Patio King inherited my Dad’s love for all things “motor,” and he’s 

135 more words