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Now Boarding

The incoming flight had been delayed over three hours.

I’d already stuffed myself with every ounce of gluten and sugar I could find at O’Hare. Not a shred of self-discipline or pride remained as I chowed down the last piece of a honey and salt-coated pretzel, hugging it close to my body. 370 more words

Rants And Raves

Tips and cheats for Nomads and "Road Warriors"

If you have to be away from home frequently or extended periods of time traveling, weather it’s because of work or pleasure, you are going to need some tips to help you go through it. 859 more words

Pencil Drawing of Mel Gibson as Mad Max

My largest drawing yet. It took a lot of patience. It is a scene from Mad Max 2 – The Road Warrior. I mostly used the black colored pencil, but I added a bit of pastel here and there. 89 more words


`When I left the bench and hit the road~

“Road warrior”

Is the actual definition still used today when a company defines the requirements for a posted job, a fitting title in today’s world. 1,181 more words

Analog Electronics

ROAD WARRIOR:No festival metal

Two tracks might seem like little to judge a band on, but I have to say I was very impressed with the pair of songs Road Warrior presented on their debut tape release, “Ignition” a few months back. 2,460 more words

Long Distance Runners

"Dead End Drive-In"

Mesopotamia may be the cradle of civilization, but Australia is the birthplace of the apocalypse. Ever since George Miller unleashed “The Road Warrior” on an unsuspecting public in 1981, its feral, stripped-down version of post-Armageddon life has been the go-to setting when movies take place at the end of the world. 910 more words


Swatches | Hitchhiking Adventure Collection by Colores de Carol

Hey y’all! Today I have the Hitchhiking Adventure collection, available now from Colores De Carol! You may save 10% off of any order using my coupon code JESSICA. 610 more words