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6 to complete the double


6 miles this evening to complete today’s double workout.  10 this morning, 16 for the day.  Even after a needed short nap, the 6 felt tougher than the 10, probably from the accumulated mileage of the past week.   22 more words

the beautiful ugliness of marathon training


Didn’t have time for a double workout yesterday, but did have time today so got in a morning 10 mile run to downtown Buffalo and back up to the parkway in my neighborhood.   102 more words

Episode 9 - Miami Gift Warrior


In this episode of Triple Feature Podcast, we head to Wally World’s $5 movie bin for 3 random movie choices. The only stipulation: we’ve never seen any of them. 44 more words


a great first half


The schedule didn’t allow a run yesterday, but the rest gained from it helped.  With a day off today, knew I had a chance for a morning-afternoon double, and am halfway there with a wonderful 13 mile run downtown and up to the park and back, covering a section of May’s Buffalo Marathon.   50 more words

Mad Max Rip-Offs

On the back of the incredible Mad Max: Fury Road, this is a list feature about the many films that were “inspired” by the original trilogy. 7 more words


Port Huron: Joseph Campbell Might Have Liked the Greek Salad

When my “commute” is under 5 hours, I prefer to drive my Subaru, with its tech package, heated seats, cruise control, and plenty of suitcase storage space. 1,195 more words