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HOW Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

All together now…

A:  To get to the other side. 

Okay, so I know the chicken crossed the road. 513 more words

Mary's Musings

That's the problem these days : every monkeys with an SLR camera thinks he's a photographer

I think to myself :

No, the problem is not with overpriced Nikons.

The problrm is not that everyone with a DSLR thinks he’s a photographer. 142 more words


Senator offers road map for marijuana changes – News – Ocala.com

Under the bill, the state could see another 20 marijuana operators — nearly quadruple the seven current licensed “dispensing organizations” — once the number of patients…


Daimler DR4-5d Marienfelde Sprengwagen

N2037 – Daimler Sprengwagen   (N 1:160) 
N2038 – Daimler Sprengwagen mit Besatzung   (N 1:160) 

ℹ️ Download instructions (pdf)

Daimler DR4-5d Marienfelde spray truck (Era II) 316 more words


Outside a dirty bus window 

Cellphone pics with glamour filter.

Alltså. Det här var en morgon då jag svor över min himla ansvarskänsla.

“Plikten framför allt” Bah! Insnöat. Det här var en morgon gjord för fotografering – inte kontorsarbete.


I've Seen That Road Before

Recurring dream

The theme always the same

Standing in the middle of a long road

Shading my eyes from the high sun

Watching the lines run for miles and miles… 54 more words


Party under a viaduct? Sure!

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Get fitted for a suit, ink a tattoo, watch free movies – these are some of the offerings at the funky art market held under the West Coast Viaduct tomorrow night. 425 more words

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