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Stay clean on the road

“Cloth and soap keeps you clean on the road” -HR

Keeping a clean appearance not only helps you fight off bacteria and unnecessary flora or fauna. 556 more words


Week 6 | Activity 1 - Defining A Research Gap

After conducting statistical research both via the ABS website and other external online resources, I next evaluated the information gathered in order to identify underlying  959 more words



What do you see?

A road.

Where does it lead to?

A cliff.

What happens when you get there?

I jump.

What happens when you jump? 27 more words


Day 71 : The Road Down The Valley

After the fun with the mountains, it was time to move down the valley bellow. It was a bit of a bumpy ride going down the mountain. 419 more words

Journal Entries

My people

Separated by the world as we are… with one in California, one Ohio, one Mongolia (yes, that’s right) and the last currently Argentina. The email correspondence among this group of special friends makes me laugh out loud, lift my spirits and lighten my heart. They are my people.