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Kyoto, Nice, whenever you go [Photography]

I also had a chance to go to Kyoto this past week. I have to say this place looks beautiful no matter when you go.


Believe (My poetry #1)

Between the ocean of tears,
and the journey of fears,
we survive with compassion,
because, it is about passion.
Passion which leads to beginnings,
those which lead to happy endings. 38 more words

The Road is the Destination

Sometimes the road is the destination.

I’ve traveled a lot of roads in my life, and some are more enjoyable than others. I like to follow a road that I have only been on a short distance and see where the rest of it goes. 330 more words


Wax method that melt off ice on roads during winter

Researchers invented a new method of waxing that prevents the ice by melting itself on roads during winter.

Scientists convert waste toilet paper into electricity… 464 more words

Ottoman Peasants and their Local Elite

I’m always excited to read something my Michael Given who has published a series of intriguing articles unraveling the complexities of the Cypriot landscape during the Ottoman period. 504 more words


Will the beetles control the weed...?

Weeds are a significant concern of land managers, but wetland weeds pose a particular challenge. It can be difficult to access the weed patch; use of machinery may not be possible given the soggy conditions; and spraying chemical herbicides may be prohibited due to concerns regarding water contamination (it IS a wetland, after all…). 578 more words