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Before Public Roads, Private Companies Did It Better

The best roads at the time were privately funded, for-profit businesses. Travel for leisure was not as common. People tended to work at home, or close to where they lived.

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I wonder if it really makes a difference

On any given work day, I have nearly two hours of commute (round trip) time. Yeah, I can feel your groans. I do it too. To be honest, the commute is the worst part of my job and if I could not do it and make the same income I would change in a heartbeat. 226 more words


Let Westminster Council know where repairs are needed to roads, pavements, drains and street lights

Westminster Council is developing its proposed maintenance works for roads, pavements, drains and street lights for 2019 / 2020.

The Council needs residents’ help to identify the areas most in need of repair. 19 more words

Westminster City Council

Next phase of Yeovil Western Corridor upgrade to begin

Drivers are advised of a change to temporary traffic management in Yeovil next week as the Western Corridor upgrade moves onto the next phase.

The Western Corridor scheme is a multi-million pound package of improvements by Somerset County Council to increase the capacity of several junctions and upgrade links for pedestrians and cyclists. 293 more words

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जीवन और रास्ते

दिखती है, चारो तरफ तड़क-भड़क..

राह मे दिखती है, सड़क ही सड़क..

बेहतर कल की तलाश मे

भटकता दिखा इंसान….

राह मे दिखता,कभी हैरान तो कभी परेशान…..

उमड़ घुमड़ के चल पड़े काले बादल…..

सिमट गई आकाश के कोने मे

रोशनी ओढ़ कर चादर….

बिखरी हुई थी चारो तरफ

उम्मीदों की रोशनी…..

उसी रोशनी मे भटकता दिखा इंसान…..

बेहतर कल की तलाश मे

आज को खोता चला…

कभी तो जोश के साथ, बढ़ चला..

कभी होश खोकर, चल पड़ा…

कभी “हम”को साथ ले कर बढ़ चला….

कभी “मै”के दायरे के आसपास ही सिमट गया…

बादलों के बीच मे छिपता हुआ सूरज

हौले से मुस्कुराया….

दिन की रोशनी भी, आज को समेट रही थी…

पूर्णमासी की किरणें भी…

कल होने वाले,उजाले की बात कह रही थीं….

देखते ही देखते एक बार फिर से

आज बीत गया…

भोर का सूरज आकाश मे

उदित हो गया…..

परिंदों के कलरव के साथ

सुबह गुनगुना रही थी…

सकारात्मकता और आशा

हौसले को बढ़ा रही थी…..

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Walker touts tax breaks as he and Evers joust over road funding

A day after Wisconsin’s primary, Gov. Scott Walker called for tax breaks Wednesday and floated the notion that Democrat Tony Evers supports quadrupling the gas tax — a notion Evers initially didn’t rule out but later called a lie.  16 more words

Cedar Hill ISD Taking New Route After DCS Shutdown

CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – Headed in a different direction. As the new school year gets underway in Cedar Hill, district leaders are also trying out a new company to get students to and from school. 407 more words