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Personal log, Vacaydate 2:

Today we found ourselves in Enterprise, it felt very familiar there for some reason. The landship Fiesta has performed as expected thus far loaded down as she is. 124 more words


Travelling anyone? Try road trip

Kenya is a beautiful country that one can experience even without stepping to the parks. From the breathe taking sceneries to the hospitality of the people, one gets a full package of adventure. 289 more words



Well . . .looking back at my last post a couple of months ago, I promised to share my second road trip adventure when I returned the end of June. 244 more words


This post has been rattling around in my head for days and I just couldn’t bring myself to write. It’s the end of an incredible adventure and the return to reality, neither of which I want. 264 more words

Road Trip with friends

Another weekend outside the city

I had a taught week, actually it’s been two weeks that I have “le moral dans les chaussettes… 276 more words


9 Day Icelandic Road Trip - Itinerary and Tips!

Black sand beaches and volcanic valleys. Imposing glaciers and floating icebergs. Thunderous waterfalls and bubbling geothermal hot springs. This is nature at its most primal. This is Iceland. 3,278 more words


Mel's Angels ride again

Our dear friend Melanie is a great tour organiser. It started with musical adventures to Quandialla, then Christmas in Oberon. This weekend it was the inaugural Brass Monkey ride to Dungog. 603 more words