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“Roadtrip day 8...Melbourne...”

Now that we’re back in the tent and not in the car as the rain has cleared, I’m sleeping much better. Snoring like a freight train as I can’t breathe out my nose so I’m not sure how well Nathan is sleeping, but hey, he slept in the car and I didn’t so it’s only fair right? 1,149 more words


Our first time in Christchurch, what did we do?

Our journey in New Zealand and Christchurch began in the very early hours of November 1st. We landed at midnight technically on Halloween and were buzzing from a quick and relaxing flight. 1,511 more words

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Gaspesie is definitely worth driving 9 hours for! Even if it was already low season, meaning that all the towns completely shut down leaving no open cafes or restaurants (literally), nature leaves you 100 % satisfied. 62 more words

I'm off

That’s right, I’m out of here. I’m taking 8 months off work and I’m going to see parts of the world I’ve never been to before, armed with my camera, pen and pad (ok, iPad). 629 more words


What I learned From My First Road Trip!

I am slowly coming to realize that I am an adult, with adult responsibilities and while it seems to be the trend to hate this stage of life, I am embracing the fact that everything I choose to do I can do because it is my life. 713 more words


On Scandinavian Roads

Hello everyone :)

alongside work, my travel year 2017 continues with some great adventures. Already just before I left for my interrail trip through Eastern Europe a good friend asked me if we couldn’t do another road trip together this summer. 724 more words