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My First Blog 🚘

It was Tuesday afternoon when our teacher didn’t hold a class and we were dismissed as early as 1:30 PM. I only got Php 35.00 in my wallet but I don’t want be a kill joy type of friend, so yes I hopped in my friend’s car without any doubts. 157 more words


True Grit is Female: Respect for Elspeth Beard

I just watched the movie, True Grit (2010) and noticed how the promotional poster highlights the names, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin. This really bothered me, especially the highlighting of Brolin who plays a bit part, considering that the film is truly about the young teenager, Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) who perseveres to bring justice after her father is murdered. 1,486 more words


"How much money do you have?"

Asked the old guy, knowing very well that I had no option but to give him all that I had…

Apparently, I never learn from my past mistakes. 566 more words



Tuffy P and Suzanne G have traveled together to look at art a few times over the years, including trips to Baltimore and Philadelphia. Over the past few days, they’ve been road-tripping around New York State. 142 more words


Traveling with young children? WHY?

People ask me all the time, ” How you manage to travel so often with your kids?” We travel to Chicago and New York/Connecticut a few times a year.  508 more words

I Heart Dumaguete

I have been to dashing Dumaguete a few times but never with this big a group-four cars with 2-3 people inside.

Determined to take a break from the brutalities of real life, us Gun-ob girls (housemates), began planning this road trip a few months back. 158 more words

Wandering Feet

Early mornings are not my favorite

I am not a fan of mornings, at all.

My husband learned this early on…he learned that I need to ease into the day.  The only way it works for me to get up early and be in a good mood is if I get right up and shower.  270 more words