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Off The Beaten Path, LA-82

A few days ago I was driving from Houston to New Orleans, a trip I feel I have made a hundred times.  The bridge crossing the boarder was an intense cluster f*** of tractor trailers and cars backed up for miles.  281 more words


M & A take the Capital! 

After a five and half hour plus drive we have arrived! It’s 2 pm now and we left Wilmington, NC at 7am. We meant to leave at 5 but that didn’t exactly work out. 192 more words


Lake Winnipesaukee

It’s Monday, folks. You know what that means: another weekend has come and gone. It started off with a bang – and for me it kind of started on Thursday by accident. 631 more words


Test Taking

Today was a test day. Wait, it’s a Sunday, why would there be a test? Plus, it’s summer. Unless you’re stuck in summer school, you shouldn’t have to take a test. 1,372 more words


Around Victoria - the Little Penguins of Phillip Island

Going to see the Little Penguins on Phillip Island is an experience I genuinely thought I would never have – and it wasn’t until I was there, waiting for it to happen, that I realised how unbelievable I had always thought the idea was. 566 more words


Around Victoria - the countryside

With three whole weeks in Melbourne to blog about, I was about to start a recount of all the exhibitions, gourmet home cooking, exercise, crime shows, coffee dates, road trips and cat harassment” 483 more words


How I left Miami

I took Bruce out for one last walk. My heart felt heavy because I knew that it would be the last time I would see him for a few months. 475 more words