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Riding In Cars with Boys

Driving with my kids is a joy that I’ll always relish. I wrote a piece once about the road trip to my future that I took with my dad decades ago. 790 more words


Let's Just Go and Not Come Back for a While...

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post reflecting back on the past year and what was to come for 2015. At the time, there was so much uncertainty in the air, and I had no idea where I’d want to end up this Spring. 1,021 more words


"I'm a Hoarder"

I walked around my house for ten minutes saying “I’m a hoarder; I keep everything.”

*I am currently driving to Oklahoma and trying to use as little data as possible while still catching up on blog posts.* 304 more words


Our First Road Trip - To New Mexico

24th March 2015

Finally we were given the clear to move on to Texas. So todays adventure was having us go to Las Cruces, New Mexico. 555 more words

Coming soon: Kyoto trip

Here’s a shot of Kinkaku-ji from my recent trip to stunning Kyoto…



Adventure Is Out There

The man checking my bag at Magic Kingdom noticed the old birthday pin I was wearing on my lanyard and made a guess at my age. 682 more words


Save the I Spy....car party!

I’m sorry…what the!! A news flash has just buzzed across my screen as I munch my way through my ultra light vegie lasagna…. “Reported death…….I Spy in the car on the family road trip!”…..stop the press….this is a headline I can’t ignore. 357 more words