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Inspection for Issuing Certificate of Roadworthiness

A certificate of roadworthiness is mandatory when a vehicle has to be sold, re-registered or even to clear a vehicle defect. Brand new vehicles, those not carrying goods or passengers on the highway or those deemed to be specially constructed vehicles are exempt from this certificate. 344 more words

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Easy to Get Clearance of Roadworthy in Burwood

If you want to keep driving your old car on the road then you need to ensure that it is safe to do so. You can easily find a company that offers roadworthy certificate to your car. 125 more words

Roadworthy Certificate

Importance of Roadworthy Certificate

If you want to build the value of your vehicle then considering a Roadworthy Certificate is the best option. This is the certificate required to ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition and safe to drive on the road. 314 more words

Roadworthy Certificate

How to Acquire a Roadworthy Certificate in Cheltenham from a Reliable Source?

The number of vehicles on roads has increased substantially in Australia. Therefore, is has become essential to improve road safety rules for better protection of life and property. 266 more words

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Infographic: Essential Safety Checks to Keep Your Car Running Smooth and Safely!

Nowadays keeping your car well-maintained is very important to ensure safety. This will keep you safe on the road and getting where you want to go as it is for your safety. 356 more words

Roadworthy Certificate

Significance and Benefits of Roadworthy Certificate!

The roadworthy certificate is critical for your cars as this is consider as the fitness certificate of your car and it is usually issued by the authorized automobile centre. 367 more words

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Melbourne Roadworthy Centres: A Professional And Genuine Roadworthy Certificate Provider

Road safety is of prime importance for the passengers and the drivers. The government likes to take measures for ensuring that vehicles running on the road are in a good condition so that accidents can be avoided. 251 more words

Roadworthy Certificate