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The California lifestyle is one of leisure and is permanently sunshine-filled. Almost every morning begins with cloud cover or foggy haze, but is soon followed with abundant West Coast warmth. 2,153 more words

Where Have You Traveled?

Where have you traveled?
Where have you been?
Where have you roamed?
What have you seen?

Have you been touched by angels?
Have you walked all alone? 56 more words


Embrace life with both hands

We hear it time and time again, to not take life for granted. To live each day as if it might be your last. But do we… 704 more words


Little Collins Cafe

Little Collins Cafe happens to be one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne. Although i am a little biased as the whole staff all used to work at a cafe in my home town before they moved on to bigger and better things, aka Little Collins Cafe. 142 more words


Data roaming in Ireland for the UK traveller

Roaming charges! Though they’re less extortionate than before, they’re still high enough to warrant enabling the ‘do not roam’ switch on your smartphone. Fortunately, many of us know that we can save money by obtaining a local SIM card from the country you’re travelling to, but that will mean getting a new local number, which can be a minor hassle if you use WhatsApp (and who with a smartphone doesn’t?) as you will need to give your friends that local number and re-register that number for the service. 610 more words


West meets East

Girl from the West ventures to the East
Photo credit: C.Savva

Having the opportunity to work in different areas of London means that you get to discover a completely new area in which you’ve never really explored before. 1,049 more words


Try Roamer for cheaper calls abroad

I’m using Roamer app for international calls from home and abroad, with and without Internet. Start using it for free: http://roa.my/3RC

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