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Happy Herding Cats Day

Whoopee ti yi yo! At the end of this 2006 video is an ad for a company that is long gone, but the gitting along of little kitties lingers on. 70 more words

Just Cats

People In Tallinn

As a roamer, I talk to potential friends (also known as strangers). I ask questions. I listen to them. I take photos of them. I walk a lot. 124 more words

Do You Travel Or Roam?

The English language is dying. Marketers, advertisers, politicians, journalists, scholars, publicists, officials, doctors, lawyers, personal coaches and self-gurus have misused and abused it, so we really don’t know what they mean when they use words, and phrases because words and phrases don’t have the same meaning they did ten or 50 years ago.  12 more words