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European roaming charges to be abolished

The European Union said Tuesday it had struck a deal to abolish mobile phone roaming charges in 2017, ending fees loathed by millions of holidaymakers and business travellers across Europe.

Europe is an odd place to live. In some respects, it acts like one big country (you can drive across it without ever seeing a border or showing a passport), while in other ways it is very definitely individual countries – like paying roaming charges outside your own country for calls, text messages and data. 251 more words

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A week with Three's "Feel at Home" service - is it as good as they say?

Going on holiday is something everyone looks forward to, but this usually comes with the cost of losing connectivity with the world. Extortionate roaming fees still exist, despite EU intervention, and will exist until the end of 2018. 343 more words

Roaming in IMS

The biggest advantage of mobile operators – comparing to OTT applications – is that they are interconnected. No matter what country we are in we can connect into the network, we can place the calls, receive the calls, all under our own identity. 366 more words


10 things you must have experienced as a nomad

1. Looking for washroom/ corner to pee on full bladder. (Thanks to petrol pumps)

2. You just run out of your liquid and your eyes wander for next store.  108 more words

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Let's all go to Me-hi-coooooo!

I had had the strikingly beautiful hippie-esque destination of Tulum in Mexico on my travel wish list for a while but due to several years of incredible overseas weddings and landmark celebrations meant holiday allowances were – happily – used up elsewhere. 472 more words