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Movie: Live by Night - Trailer

Haven’t read the book yet, but this looks promising! ;)


Sequence of Events: Chapter Thirteen (third)

Jack had stopped by, with peonies. Only to look in on Matt’s mother, he’d said; and after tea asked Florrie to come out with him. 1,367 more words


Sequence of Events: Chapter Thirteen (second)

She must have looked at Jack too cow-eyed.

Jack had turned up at Mr. Gervais’s office, and the boss had come down to the inspectors’ room…making a contretemps of a small thing; far too much ado merely to say that a man calling himself Farley had come asking after Miss Quincy. 1,023 more words


Soul Music: Weimar Jazz

The most popular music to be danced to in Germany after the Great War was Jazz music. With it the young generation expressed its new spirit of democracy and a new beginning. 260 more words


Winemaking in the 1920s

Well, there wasn’t much winemaking after 1920, since Prohibition caused most of the wineries to close. A few wineries in California (such as Beaulieu Vineyards, Christian Brothers) stayed in business to make legal sacramental wine for churches and synagogues, but the vast majority closed in 1920, suffering catastrophic losses that were not reimbursed by the government–an “illegal taking,” according to some. 109 more words

Roaring Twenties

Past Imperfect - #355

There are certain times in everyone’s life when they really shouldn’t follow the lead of their friends. This is clearly one of them…


Closed, indefinitely.

Your heart has been closed for business
for quite some time.
There are bars across the windows,
and chains securing either side of the doors; 201 more words