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John Dillinger

It’s a simple point
In a simple plan
You take the money
Like slaughtering a lamb
A farmer watched his family starve
And only the rich can steal… 157 more words

Tuesday March the first 1927
A most beautiful day. March is certainly coming in like a lamb + will most likely go out like a lion, but it brings us that much nearer to April which is a consummation devoutly to be wished.

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Spectacular Roaring Twenties-Inspired Figure Skating Costumes

The colours, the sequins, the fabrics, the cuts — there truly is no other sport as fashionable and glamorous as figure skating. I wanted to make a list of my favourite costumes in figure skating history, but that would’ve been a ridiculously long post (that may have to wait for another day). 515 more words


Monday the twenty eighth
A beautiful day + Audrea starts school again. I begrudge her to the school. Would like to keep her at home + away from bad influences.

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A Year of Thanks, Days 92 & 93: Period Pieces & Photographs

Giant ball gowns, short and shiny flapper dresses, fedoras, suspenders, T-Model Fords, horse-drawn carriages, rotary phones, knights, squires, jousts, duels. I love them all. 377 more words

A Year Of Thanks