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7 Ways Calvin Put the "Cool" in Coolidge

  1. He cut the federal debt by more than half

Calvin Coolidge was “obsessed” – according to some – with cutting spending and paying off the debt. 342 more words

"In my younger and more vulnerable years..."

Anyone who has known me during my first twenty years on this planet will not be surprised that I titled my first blog post with the first lines of the greatest novel of all time –  844 more words

First Post

Women's fashion in 1920's

The Roaring Twenties is one of the most exciting decades in the fashion history. For a very long time, women could only wear long skirts, they didn’t really dress up or wear excessive makeup. 238 more words


Two Women Test Their Mettle in 'The Wicked City' [REVIEW]

When a modern woman is forced to start life anew, she discovers an unexpected link to the past in her new home. How will she balance her newfound connection to a freespirited woman from the Jazz Age with the woman she has always known herself to be? 700 more words


Write Here, Write Now: 12.24 - One of Those Rivers

Dodgy – One of these rivers. “Let’s not worry about, what we haven’t got”

Going back to 1996, and to a song be that was released in the UK when I was out of the country and so muted it on first time round. 69 more words

Write Here, Write Now

Write Here, Write Now: 12.22 - Lucky Man

The Verve – Lucky Man “just a change in me. Something in my liberty”

For a while, I struggled to find the song for 1998. 565 more words

Write Here, Write Now

Soutine’s Portraits: Cooks, Waiters and Bellboys @ The Courtauld galley

Chaïm Soutine (1893-1943) was one of the leading painters in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s. He was a Russian Jew who fled to Paris in 1913, soon settling into bohemian Montparnasse where he befriended, among others, the young Amedeo Modigliani. 1,461 more words