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January 17 Anniversary

On January 17, I like to mark the anniversary of the first day of Prohibition back in 1920 with a drink! That’s what most drinkers did that year, they held a wake at their favorite bar on January 16, the last legal day to drink, and went home to mourn. 104 more words

Roaring Twenties

Femme Fatale

I’m not sure where I came across this image, but she really is a stunner. She seems very much like a flapper from the 20’s or 30’s and yet is of this time. Art Deco and yet modern.

Original Acrylic Paintings.

Step into the roaring twenties with Fat Lulu's

I love places that transport you to a different era altogether with their spot on ambiance and dishes to kill. Fat Lulu’s at DLF Crosspoint Mall is one of the biggest outlets of the brand and boasts of Twenties in their full swing. 327 more words


Sequence of Events: Chapter Thirteen (final)

“Pop, we’re in Georgia.”

The Hispano hummed past a white sign.

“Yeah, it’s fine. We can eat in Savannah.”

Julie slid down in her seat, and looked up. 1,309 more words


Sequence of Events: Chapter Thirteen (eighth)

“Rumbaugh, get out of my way.” There wasn’t space enough, the way the director’s table bowed into an oval from its head, for three fat men—Gersome, Rumbaugh, and Summers—to navigate at their ease. 760 more words


A vio-tortionist? One of Vaudeville's most unusual acts . . .

I’m always on the look-out for unusual vaudeville acts that I can weave into my novels. When I met a woman whose mother and aunt had been unusual vaudeville performers, I knew I had a keeper! 1,028 more words

Roaring Twenties

Some Antique Photographs

As if I didn’t already have a full schedule leading up to the holidays, I decided to open a box of old photos inherited from dad.  431 more words

Cultural Highlights