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Booze Cruises

One of many changes that Prohibition brought to America was the “booze cruise,” “party cruise,” or “cruise to nowhere”–short boat trips that sailed beyond the three-mile territorial limit (now obsolete) where American law no longer applied. 77 more words

Roaring Twenties


In trying to broaden my reading horizons, I conducted an experiment in which I chose books from the library based ONLY on the cover. I didn’t read the back and I tried not to pay attention to the name or gender of the author. 542 more words

Sequence of Events: Chapter Twelve (eleventh)

She tied a scarf over her hair. Through the open window she’d heard a low thrum of speech—a conversation, in which one participant had been at first incredulous, then merely offended, at last mollified; the other insensible of the impression he made, and autocratic throughout. 1,799 more words


Sequence of Events: Chapter Twelve (tenth)

Luberta still had avoided going back. The had moved her from the hospital, a block up campus, to the nursing home named for a woman Luberta had seen often in her growing-up years, Dr. 1,009 more words


Constance, Millicent and Loretta by Deco London

Deco London is a British fragrance brand which launched last year and is inspired by Art Deco and the glamorous Bright Young Things of the 1920s.   493 more words

Perfume Reviews

"Name That Character" Part II

Last week I wrote about how dicey it can be for authors to name their characters–especially for authors of historical fiction who must consider names suited to both era and ethnic group. 315 more words

Roaring Twenties

Repeating the Past: Great Gatsby Review!

‘”I wouldn’t ask too much of her,” I ventured. “You can’t repeat the past.”

“Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!”‘ 403 more words