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Bye Bye Roaring Twenties

In one week, I’ll officially be out of my Roaring Twenties and into the promised land of my Thirties, where levelheadedness, adventure, grownupness and exploration awaits. 1,325 more words

Time Travel

Indiana Belle, by John A. Heldt

From Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol) to Diana Gabaldon (Outlander) and Stephen King (11/22/63) time traveling has always held a deep fascination for a lot of writers. 317 more words


The Shocking Miss Pilgrim: A book review

The Shocking Miss Pilgrim: A Writer in Early Hollywood is the story of Frederica Sagor Maas’s experiences as a young woman trying to break into a career as a screen writer in silent-movie-era Hollywood. 228 more words

Roaring Twenties

Sequence of Events: Chapter Eleven (thirteenth)

He pictured Edna Rossi on the other side of Myrna’s desk, with her tweedy brown sleeve bunched above her elbow, her elbow chafed as though she always wrote this way, her head resting on her crooked arm, her other elbow stuck up in the air, her pencil in a grip that was almost a fist, and her exhalations ruffling the paper which rested nearly under her nose. 2,055 more words


Race Matters

Ben Hecht was a well-known screenwriter, director, producer, playwright (notably, The Front Page) and journalist who contributed a number of comic essays to The New Yorker, 411 more words

The New Yorker Magazine

t-shirt (1919)

The country was on the verge of the Roaring Twenties and daring women had now started wearing lipstick.

For men, the t-shirt (1919) was a new all-American garment based on the undershirt but with short sleeves and meant to be worn visibly. 33 more words


Sequence of Events: Chapter Eleven (twelfth)

“Did you ever feel like you were talking at cross-purposes? I mean—”

Rica clinked her cup onto her saucer, and sat up with a magpie’s glint in her eye. 1,418 more words