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VIDEO: The Roaring Twenties | Plowing Through History

Last weekend, the Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra hosted their annual gala. The theme of the year was that age of decadent boozing known as the roaring twenties. 108 more words

Farming The Dream

February 22nd, 2017

On February 22nd, 1924, President Calvin Coolidge became the first President to deliver a radio address from the White House. This was a great step for, not only communications technology but, the fashion in which world leaders interact with their peoples and conduct campaigns. 300 more words


Time Capsule Thursday : 1920's Flapper

The 1920’s!! What an amazing time to have been alive! Art Deco, F.Scott Fitzgerald,Ragtime and flappers! Everything was changing. Women were starting to vote and it was more common for them to work outside the home. 551 more words


Can we compare the politics of the Roaring Twenties with the politics of today's society?

Indeed, the years surrounding the Roaring Twenties were filled with prosperity, hope and an economic boom within the United States of America – however, part of this success and opulence¬†came from the Laissez-Faire attitude adopted by President Warren Harding, President Calvin Coolidge and President Herbert Hoover who encouraged the idea of ‘America first’. 643 more words

The Lone Wolf Trembles

Carla falls into my arms. Her pale face is scratched up and whiter than usual. Her dress is ripped at the bottom. When I hold her, she feels like a stranger. 299 more words

Daily Prompt

A Roaring Stumble

A graveyard of wedgewood
All her possessions,
Latticed around her willowed heart
In the stream foam green corners,
Of the after-party
Love her soul splendour, a dancing daisy… 42 more words


19. Flapper girl mirror

Hello everyone,

My new handmade mirror of a flapper girl now available at my Etsy Store.
I was going to make two of these as a pair, but I have been ill (flu) for a week and I’m still recovering. 38 more words

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