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BBQ Smoked Shredded Beef

Are you a smoker? We are…..no, no not cigarettes but the kind you do on a grill or in a smoker. My husband cooked this smoked roast in his smoker. 328 more words

Roast Beef

Bone Marrow

Todays blog is not going to be a recipe, although it is something I had to eat just yesterday. When you or your Mom made a roast and there was a bone in the meat with a soft center, did you know you can eat that fatty looking stuff in the bone? 346 more words

Roast Beef

Friday Night Social – June 2nd, 2017

This Friday night, (June 2nd at 6:30pm), the Small Side-Hall of the Portuguese Club of Kitchener, will be open!

We’ll be having: Roast Beef with Potatoes! 22 more words

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Roast Beef - Simple Roast Beef Recipe


Roast Beef the center piece to many family dinner tables or sliced thin and piled high on a Kaiser roll. No matter how you eat it, everyone loves it, but doesn’t always have to time to spend hours roasting a big beef roast in the oven. 12 more words

A Searing Saga Sequel - Part 3

I am getting a bit sick of this searing saga title(s).  I promise you this is the last one!

Having ascertained that reverse searing can be a very useful technique when cooking steaks, I thought I would try it out on roast beef.   463 more words

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