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Italian Beef

My mom has this great recipe for Italian beef that we’ve enjoyed for years.  As with all recipes though, I wondered “what would make this better?”  Now, improving on mom’s cooking is a delicate matter (go ahead, ask her!) so I wholly admit that her version is rock-star.   367 more words

An Easter miracle - a great Sunday roast!

My grandmother was from Cornwall, so her cooking, for good or ill, was based on the traditions she learned in England as a young woman. And my mother learned from her, so many of those traditions were passed down, including the Sunday roast (which was always roast beef in our house). 320 more words



Breakfast Sandwhich- a fried egg, roast beef, sliced cheddar cheese, avocado, and a dash of siracha, on a sprouted grain English muffin.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. ” ~ Alice In Wonderland

Little Things And Sunshine

Slow Cooker Herb Pot Roast

Today I spent my day with my Aunt and cousins. They came early and we had lunch together, visited our local lighthouse and did some shopping. 270 more words

Roast Beef

Sunday Roast and a Cinnamon Bun

Okay, I have a weird love for Roast- I don’t even know you guys. I’m just gonna blame it on my Boarding School Days.

I remember how we would go to the dinning room, looking at the menu and hoping that it would be roast and there would be Yorkshire puddings. 365 more words


Yorkshire Pudding

This is the recipe my mother used and that I continue to use on those too-rare occasions when I make a roast beef.  I absolutely love this Yorkshire pudding with a slice of very rare roast beef and plenty of gravy.   279 more words

Something To Eat

What's for Dinner?  New Orleans Style Poboys!

I don’t really love to cook dinner.  By the end of the day I’m just pooped.  I’ve cleaned up and I’m in no mood to go make a new mess and clean it up again.   871 more words