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Another job interview… 13. February 2017

 Scrambled eggs with roast pork and some pickled cucumbers + a cup of coffee. I only ate about half of the food, because I felt queasy and lost my appetite. 537 more words


Weekly Dinner Plan - Week 1

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

I’ve been doing meal plans for a few years now. I find it saves a huge amount of money at the grocery store if I have a plan and a grocery list. 429 more words

Meal Planning

Pernil (Puerto Rican Roast Pork)

One day I met a Puerto Rican guy and we started talking about food. (I’m obsessed with food, bite me!) I noticed that he knew a lot of Filipino dishes — … 804 more words



Roast pork slider on King’s Hawaiian Sweet Roll with Shiso Leaf.

Happy Mouse. :)

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


The Mouse's New Year's Day Adventure

Thought to start the new year with some new adventure.

A couple of weeks ago, bought a Global paring knife (a Williams-Sonoma exclusive) as a “travel” knife (part of The Mouse’s knife roll). 399 more words


Cubano / Cubana

One of the hazards of cooking from books is that, sometimes, I have not yet had the opportunity to sample the original version of whatever it is I am trying to cook.    732 more words

Main Courses

Japanese Pork

For any good Ramen recipe you need to have a slice or two or pork on the top. My husband recently read in a Ramen cookbook that making the pork ahead of time, along with the other ingredients (like the broth) is a great way to enjoy Ramen without all the work each time. 202 more words

Bites With Burger