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Roasted Garlic Potato Soup

First, I want to apologize for my blog lately. I haven’t been able to post a new recipe in a while, which I feel extremely bad for. 734 more words


Tuscany Chicken

I’d just come home from the market, and started putting away the groceries. As I was thinking about what I’d be making for dinner, I saw a few things I’d not yet put into the fridge: a package of chicken breasts, fresh asparagus, a box of little tomatoes, and a can of artichokes. 956 more words


t street eats - portobello sandos

t street funhouse tuesday evenings usually consist of climbing at pipeworks, followed by a pint at the rubicon.  more often than not, someone will order the portobello sandwich there.   215 more words


Roasting Garlic Takes Your Cooking to the Next Level

My organic farm-Hill Creek Farm-neighbor loves to grow garlic, so I have tasted MANY different varieties-German Extra Hardy, German Red, Georgia Red, Georgia Fire, Metechi, Music, Kettle River Giant, Italian Artic, and Belarus to name just a few. 787 more words


Artichoke Attraction

Artichokes were not introduced into my life until I was well into adulthood.  When my friend found out that I had not eaten it before, she immediately invited me over to her place and prepared an artichoke for me.  692 more words


Hot Competition

The other day my husband and I were bored – we can only job hunt for so long before our minds wander! So with the princely sum of about a fiver in our pockets we went to our friendly local Tesco to purchase ingredients for a hot sauce. 581 more words


Deep Dish Mushroom and Onion Pizza

This week I thought I’d give Chicago-style deep dish pizza another try. I’ve been reading more recipes and advice on the genre lately and I have this new plan (in my head) to taste test two different dough techniques that I see often, one mixing grated potatoes in with the flour to keep the dough soft as it cooks and the other making use of lard for the same purpose. 563 more words