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Zucchini au Gratin...Sort of!

Zucchini is such an innocuous vegetable, but so versatile.  It can be served raw, in thin ribbons in a salad, grilled, steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried or made au gratin…with cheese!  631 more words

Quickies (It's Not What You Think!)

Turkey Burgers with Roasted Garlic and Provolone

I was searching for inspiration in my old Martha Stewart magazines and found this recipe from the June 2005 issue. I did a search online and couldn’t find it anywhere on your site or on any other blogs, which is weird. 551 more words


Pea and garlic soup

I may be glowing with the success of my garlic crop but I don’t talk about my peas (which never even germinated). Luckily this recipe (based on a Nigella  one) uses frozen peas rather than fresh. 280 more words

Garlic, From Ground to Grill to Freezer

My brother-in-law gives us garlic from his garden after it has cured. It’s a dirty mess when we get it, but easy to clean up with some kitchen shears and a tough vegetable brush. 359 more words


Jalapeño Garlic Black Truffle Popcorn

What do you do with two beautiful jalapeños,

a few cloves of garlic, and some black truffle sea salt?

You could make some popcorn!!!!

That’s right, POPCORN!!!!! 161 more words

Charleston Spice Company

Caesar salad dinner 

Sorry all! I’ve been Mia for 4 crazy months! I had some studying and huge exam to do in June so my list of things to do got cut down very short. 227 more words


Roasted tomato and garlic soup with dairy free cheese toasties

I’ve been a very good student this week and have been dedicated to the transfer of my recipes to the big bad world of the blog. 308 more words