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糖葡萄干面包 Sugar Raisin Bun 2015


Sugar Raisin rolls
320g High protein flour

80g plain flour

16g milk powder

80g caster sugar

180g COLD water

1 egg

5g yeast

1tsp salt… 83 more words


Steam Pork Neck Bones "Balungan Babi Kukus" (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

First you steam the neck bones with some meat on them, then straightly braise them in a pan. Feel free to use ribs instead. Very yummy dish! 399 more words


Fun at the Singapore Night Festival

At Singapore’s Night Festival held over 2 weekends in the last two weeks of August, my friends and I went to join in the fun. There were a ton of activities, and we’re only sorry we couldn’t get to see them all. 658 more words


Indonesian Spicy Ribs "Iga Bakar Rempah Kecap" (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

Indonesian culinary = spices (not always hot), Indonesian spices meets ribs = heaven on your tongue!!

Try this Indonesian style side pork ribs I made at home yesterday. 400 more words


Stir Fry Pork Rice Noodle "Kwee Tiau Goreng Babi"

Another alternative of cooking rice noodles at home. Make the noodle from scratch for freshness. Here is the super simple recipe for it.

(Teman-teman, bikin Kwee Tiau Goreng Babi yukkk..aku biasa bikin kwee tiau nya sendiri di rumah supaya dia fresh ketika dimasak dan menghindari pengawet juga. 587 more words


Braised Pork Belly "Babi Kecap" (Bilingual Eng-Indonesia)

One of my fave dish, very simple and easy to make yet need precise timing for best result. Very good to served with steamed rice or potato. 291 more words