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Mountains of Magic: the Gathering

From crumbling rocks, to imposing peaks, to the tallest city spires, mountains in Magic have taken on many forms. I’m sharing a few of my favourites with you here: 151 more words

Magic The Gathering

Islands of Magic: the Gathering

This article continue the more in depth look at basic land art in Magic: the Gathering. These are the cards that players see the most during a game, so themeing yours around the art that appeals to you is no bad idea. 209 more words

Magic The Gathering

The Magpie, the Packrat, and a Collection of Sand: coping with the death of my sister

I wrote this essay recently as part of a writing course at the University of Calgary. It’s about my sister and her sand collection and my need to hang onto this collection, among other things of hers, as a way to cope with her death in the summer of 2013. 776 more words

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Plains of Magic: the Gathering

I have written before of how important basic lands are visually to Magic. As cards that players see most often they are important in building a sense of place and even reinforcing the themes of the set visually. 322 more words

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Mother's Day, my sister and her idiot brother

On Mother’s Day, a year ago, we had a fire in the backyard, roasted marshmallows and made smores with chocolate squares flavoured with red chilies, all while my sister lay in a bed in the Canmore Hospital. 469 more words

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Chapter IV: You Are Here

My new surroundings beckoned.  My insatiable curiosity turned outward, rather than within.  I wanted to know what it was.  To experience the discovery of this place anew, as if I’d never died before.  649 more words