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MtG artists: Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander is best known for his lands, and that will come through strongly in the selection below. In reality he has produced far more than just awesome landscapes for Magic and I’d encourage anyone to check out the full range of his work. 178 more words

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Rob Alexander featuring Roy Ayers - Peaceful Easy Feeling (L'Attitude Records)

Released as a limited promo 12″ back in 1994 and included on the compilation of the name released the year after on UK label Step2, this lascivious groove stands among the most underrated masterpieces ever. 33 more words

Lost But Not Least!

Mountains of Magic: the Gathering

From crumbling rocks, to imposing peaks, to the tallest city spires, mountains in Magic have taken on many forms. I’m sharing a few of my favourites with you here: 151 more words

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Islands of Magic: the Gathering

This article continue the more in depth look at basic land art in Magic: the Gathering. These are the cards that players see the most during a game, so themeing yours around the art that appeals to you is no bad idea. 209 more words

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The Magpie, the Packrat, and a Collection of Sand: coping with the death of my sister

I wrote this essay recently as part of a writing course at the University of Calgary. It’s about my sister and her sand collection and my need to hang onto this collection, among other things of hers, as a way to cope with her death in the summer of 2013. 776 more words

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Plains of Magic: the Gathering

I have written before of how important basic lands are visually to Magic. As cards that players see most often they are important in building a sense of place and even reinforcing the themes of the set visually. 322 more words

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Mother's Day, my sister and her idiot brother

On Mother’s Day, a year ago, we had a fire in the backyard, roasted marshmallows and made smores with chocolate squares flavoured with red chilies, all while my sister lay in a bed in the Canmore Hospital. 469 more words

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