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Rob Bell, My Favorite Heretic

Rob Bell can be described in many ways–Christian pastor, bestselling author, Oprah favorite….  Heretic.

The latter label was bandied about when he published LOVE WINS… 388 more words


Experiences > Things

The notion of an experience being greater than an object might sound elementary to some, but our culture says otherwise. Media pumps us full of ads on how our life would be 100% better if we only buy this certain product. 916 more words

Everything is Spiritual | Rob Bell

Last night my husband and I went to hear the author and pastor Rob Bell speak at the Pageant Theater in St. Louis on his “Everything is Spiritual” tour. 883 more words


My Water Birthday: Overflowing with Our Abundance

(A short break from the Kitty Channel)

I listen to the Rob Cast every week without fail and this past week gave me some way to pay back the deep joy I’ve gotten from his words. 591 more words


Evangelical Cannibalism - Why We Eat Our Own

Tullian Tchividjian, Mark Driscoll and Rob Bell.  Just saying those names on Facebook, Twitter, or in a blog can reciprocate some nasty comments.  Why do we feel the need to list the sins of the people who once led us and now are on the “down and outs”?   910 more words


Strawberries and Clooney and Vietnam

Rob Bell gets accused of not mentioning Jesus enough but there is a moment about 15 minutes into his “don’t call it a comeback” Grand Rapids show as part of his new Everything Is Spiritual tour where he mentions Jesus. 863 more words


July Wrapup: Jonathan Storment


Jonathan Storment returns to the show talk about all things July from the podcast: pastors as friend or leader, our first ever mailbag podcast, throwing yourself a birthday party, the Dones, the Enneagram, moral progress and discussing racial justice as a white man.

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