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The Bible and its human origins

Rob Bell is always working hard to put the Bible in context. In this clip, he (passively) calls out Christians who ignore the human element of the book. 21 more words


What about that Guy?

What about the person who does not own a Bible and has never heard of Jesus Christ? God will send someone in that predicament to Hell? 1,138 more words


Put Not Your Trust In Entertainers

Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.—Psalm 146:3

ESPN recently published an piece by Mina Kimes, entitled, “The Search for Aaron Rodgers.” It chronicles the mind behind the man, the quirks and dreams, the mechanical makeup of Aaron Rodgers. 420 more words


It's a good thing we don't worship Rob Bell

My former pastor unfollowed me on twitter. I’m not sure when exactly he unfollowed me, but I noticed it last week. I’ve been slowly dipping my toes in the political world and slowly venting my frustrations with the evangelical community on twitter, which really is probably not the best platform, but it’s my home for it. 661 more words


A Couple Thoughts on Love Wins

I recently finished Love Wins by Rob Bell for the second time, and I would like to take down a few observations upon completion.

  1. Eschatology shapes ethics.
  2. 229 more words

Easter in August!

Here is the column I wrote for the September issues of the First Church Simsbury newsletter, The Cornerstone.

Forget Christmas in July, it’s Time for Easter in August! 603 more words