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Voddie Baucham on The Shack, Repentance, and Doctrine

Pastor Baucham speaks very well on the problems of the mindset being formed by imbibing in The Shack, Emergent theology, and the like.

Where Have They All Gone? Part 1: Considering a Spiritless Church

My school recently renovated our student center. It’s beautiful and new and exiting, complete with cafeteria restaurants and gender-neutral bathrooms. As a whole, our campus is fairly diverse—right in the heart of Detroit. 816 more words


Overlapping Thoughts: Vol. One

I think I’m going to start using this blog as more of a journal, especially about things related to faith and the beyond the surface moments of life that I notice. 970 more words


"Have You Heard That Song By..."

S (Scripture): 1 Corinthians 2:3 And I was with you in weakness and in fear and with much trembling. 4 My conversation and my preaching were not with persuasive words of wisdom, but with a demonstration of the Spirit and of power, 5 so that your faith would not be based on human wisdom but on the power of God. 482 more words

Digging Daily

Three Theology Books for Easter

 If you’ve been celebrating Passover or gearing up for Easter this past week, you might be interested in picking up one of these three recent (or forthcoming) theology titles I’ve encountered. 916 more words

Nonfiction Reviews

Growth as a Boredom Buster

I doubt anyone would call artist and writer Julia Couzens’ life dull. She is an art critic for the Sacramento Bee, and a productive fine artist. 433 more words

The Old-Timer and "Kavod."

When a scoffer is punished, the simple become wiser;
when the wise are instructed, they increase in knowledge. (Proverbs 21:11 NRSV)

I had an interesting conversation at work tonight, but it almost never took place. 1,828 more words

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