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the judge and the hipster guru: a lesson in reading

As far as TV goes, the confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court nominee aren’t exactly must-see. It’s like an episode of Shark Tank only without any of the entertainment value or ingenious inventions like… 1,536 more words


Can a Christian Love Jesus but Hate Other Christians?

Tell me if you’ve heard these phrases uttered before:

“I love Jesus, but I detest religion.”

“I’m spiritual, but I’m not religious.”

“I love Jesus, but I can’t stand Christians because they are such hypocrites.” 880 more words


A Quandary of the "Nones" & "Dones"

There are two interesting, and relatively new demographics in the Western world.

The first demographic are the “nones.” This group of people are those who do not identify with one particular religious position. 432 more words


The Other Day I Met A "Heretic".

No, it wasn’t Rob Bell (although I’d love to meet him too).

He is a Canadian, Orthodox theologian whom I had the privelege of meeting at a Methodist church in South Africa a few weeks ago. 666 more words


Take Your Time

I took this photo in a rare moment when no one was rushing the stairs of this temple and it was just “me” and “it”. I cherished it. 306 more words

Clare Angelica

Nothing You Can Do...

This morning I listened to a talk about today’s lectionary readings by a noted Roman Catholic theologian and Scripture scholar, Sister Dianne Bergant, CSA. In speaking of the temptation theme in the Genesis reading (ch. 295 more words

Salsa Recipe

Last Sunday evening in worship we watched another video from the excellent NOOMA series by Rob Bell entitled Tomato. In the video he speaks about his wife making the most wonderful salsa, here’s the recipe from the notes: 236 more words