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A Call For Churches and Preachers To Return to Bible Preaching

When I saw the headline “The Hottest Thing at Church Today,” I wondered what kind of new promotion or gimmick some mega church had devised enticing people to attend. 615 more words


How To Be Here

Just finished reading Rob Bell‘s book, How To Be Here. In 3 days. One reason for the quick read is that it was an easy read! 537 more words


What is the Bible?

Have you ever respected someone for their method but disagreed with their conclusions? That’s how I felt toward Rob Bell in this book.

As a practicing Christian, and one who’s interested in the Bible as a book and a source of inspiration, I’m interested to learn more about it. 602 more words

The Great Hell Smackdown of 2017 Part 3: I Have Some Questions.

So if you’ve been following this series you know that I’ve been reading a lot about Hell. Is Hell a thing or not? If it is, how do you get out of going there? 1,103 more words

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The Sheeeeeeeet Factor

What would you do if I told you that every single documentary you’ve ever watched, every autobiography/biography you’ve ever read, every biopic you’ve seen on television or in theatres –  1,087 more words

Wings Up

How to Be Here: A Guide to Creating a Life Worth Living

Format: Dead Trees

Source: Public Library

Rating: 2.75

“Boredom says there is nothing interesting here. Cynicism says there’s nothing new.”

This is the 6th book of Bell’s so I am very familiar with his style of writing.   88 more words

Book Review

Is the Bible a "Human Book"?

“I begin with the Bible as a collection of human books, so I begin with its humanity. In my observation a lot of religious people begin with, ‘This is God’s holy book. 698 more words

The Bible