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Today I will invoke my super power of love

“God says yes,
we can have what we want,
because love wins.”
― Rob Bell

When my daughter, an avid Harry Potter fan, was in grade school, she and her friend Kylie ran around waving their pretend wands, casting spells and shouting phrases such as “Ascendio” and “Obliviate.” 123 more words

Know Yourself = Love Yourself

True rebirth requires love. Sometimes you’re reborn through a deep mutual love with another, which fuels your own sense of self. Other times you’re reborn by just taking a break from such deeper relationships, so that you can find yourself outside of the context of a significant other. 598 more words

What I'm Into These Days

Outside of talking to my closest friends, books, podcasts, TV shows, and movies are the tools that help me slow down and process my life. It’s not that they help me escape my life, but rather quite the opposite. 611 more words


Rob Bell's Holy Shift Tour - Dime Store Review

Back in 2009 I began going through a crisis of faith that eventually sent me on a journey that I am still on to this day. 1,352 more words

Rob Bell

Another General Assembly Session is Likely to Pass Without Any Movement On Gun Control

Lawmakers in Richmond are getting ready to wrap up the General Assembly session and head home without taking any action on gun control. Michael Pope reports. 12 more words

Virginia's News

Voices that Have Been Speaking

This weekend, I was blessed to hear the voice of the Spirit through the generosity of my parents flying me to Colorado and all the wonderful times that we were able to share over meals, walking around Pearl Street, and watching the Olympics. 598 more words


Rob Bell and Billy Graham - What’s the Difference? Please Help a New Christian to Understand

They aren’t twins but Billy Graham and Rob Bell both believe that Muslims and Buddhists, people who have never heard of Jesus, Hindus and, you name it, are all going to heaven. 164 more words