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The Giant Baby

Sometimes pictures help us understand a difficult concept. There is an American idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This phrase was coined in the early 20th century by newspaper editors suggesting that advertising with pictures would convey more than just words. 638 more words


Book Review: Velvet Elvis - By Rob Bell

elvet Elvis is author Rob Bell‘s attempt at bringing Christianity into the modern world. He begins by talking about a painting and noting how if, after this painting had been finished, it would have been a tragedy for the painter to announce that… 1,473 more words


Who are the closed-minded?

Often the person with spiritual convictions is seen as close-minded and others are seen as open-minded. What is fascinating to me is that at the center of the Christian faith is the assumption that this life isn’t all there is. 87 more words


The Fifth Word: TRUST, as in "TRUST me, ENCHANTMENT, I've got this."

I can’t believe that what took only one day for Liz Gilbert and Rob Bell to unpack at a creativity conference has taken me two months to write about. 1,966 more words


SpiritSites - mikemchargue.com

My day wouldn’t be complete without at least one trip down the rabbithole of the online world of spirit. There are so many seekers out there with a diversity of belief that is not well-represented by the current narrative of skeptical intellectual vs. 277 more words

Backlog Journal 6: July 27

Backlog journal entry 6 from a closeted atheist.

X has been begging me to watch Rob Bell’s “Everything is Spiritual 2” video. So I did. 434 more words


What I Have Learned From Rob Bell

This blog isn’t really about Rob Bell (although it is). It’s about my own judgmental heart, small world view, and religious spirit that kept me from learning so much about a God that I claimed to love madly. 766 more words