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I'm Not Dead (I've Just Been Writing)

That’s right folks. Shock, horror. A wannabe novelist who has actually been putting the hours in. And, as boring as it sounds it is the truth. 123 more words

Life Imitating Art.

Caution:  Repeating Rhythms And Compulsive Beats Ahead.

Here are some songs that I am obsessed with right now:

“Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan.

“Get a Move On” by Mr. 259 more words

Dreamlights 05/21/2015 - Nonverbal

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 05/21/2015:

  • Counting The Stars- Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
  • Triumphant Return– Alan Silvestri
  • Oh So Insistent- Andrew Bird
  • General’s Resign…
  • 92 more words

Born Yesterday

She thinks that I was born yesterday
She thinks that I go out with the tide and fade at the end of the day
She thinks my hair’s ain’t numbered and when pricked I don’t cry in pain… 121 more words

Dark Music

A speech to "Clubbed to Death"


  1. Rhythm

Describe an imagined speech that captures the mood of a piece of music.

  1.  Rhetorical devices

Create an original example for each of the following rhetorical devices.  577 more words

Writing Excercise