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Hell Yes Fest 2014!

Here is my HYF schedule w links and everything. You should just get an all fest wristband already: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hell-yes-fest-2014-all-fest-wristbands-tickets-12936943747


Screening of AC Lerok’s short video Is Hamburgers with Dustin Svehlak and Voltaic Video. 81 more words

FFF Fest 2014!

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014!
Friday: Hosting ATX Comedy Hour w Lisa Friedrich 11pm at The New Movement
Saturday: Opening for Jonah and Kumail 11pm at The New Movement. 15 more words

EULOGIZED: Fake funeral speeches. Real Funny.

Laugh at death on Halloween night w EULOGIZED: Fake funeral speeches. Real Funny.

On Halloween night Austin’s funniest stand ups comics and improvisors take the stage to put to rest anyone and anything they choose. 64 more words

STONED vs DRUNK vs SOBER: San Marcos

STONED vs DRUNK vs SOBER: San Marcos is happening tonight! 9:30 at Taxi’s. Trailer: http://youtu.be/oxdMHLs-emM

Slobs Video (animated)

Haven’t seen a video this spooky since my honeymoon! *puts on clown make up @slobsvids @lucasmolandes @johnbuseman http://youtu.be/HiP0ZH-1PUU

Shine Box Showcase

Bringing that top notch dick tip material to Shine Box Showcase 10:30 @TNM_Austin $5/FREE DRANKS *uncuts preferred


I’ll be sippin’ suds, makin’ buds and not rhyming on Gutbusters 7:30 @hopsandgrain (high quality brew, seriously)