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Oh jeesh. I guess someone took this concept a little too literal. I think from the moment this movie’s trailer hit theatres, it was being labeled as the first predicted bomb of the year. 1,383 more words


Monster Trucks (2017)

Wanted: Creature Seeking Male Companion – Me: Loves dogs & horses, comforts friends when sad, never says “no” to a spontaneous adventure, always says “yes” to night swimming in moonlight, has tentacles & drinks gasoline. 1,499 more words

Brandon Ledet

Monster Trucks:As Insightful as the Title

Written by Nelson Cumming

It’s January and there is a film called Monster Trucks What more do you need to know? My expectations were low and they were met. 555 more words

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Monster Trucks (2016)

Monster Trucks (2016)

On January 13, meet Creech

Hey, what if monster trucks were actually trucks but with monsters living inside of them. This, folks, is the basic premise behind… 926 more words

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Things Nobody Talks About

I was eating some tacos Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and started thinking maybe it was the perfect food. Naturally, I started to think about its versatility  and that got me thinking about the most versatile fruit. 785 more words

Movie Review – Monster Trucks

TL;DR – Honestly this is one of the silliest premises I have ever seen for a film, but wow it was a surprisingly good film, with great creature creation, and some great action, well worth a look. 1,104 more words

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Knife Fight - 2012

Having just sworn in our newly re-elected President we tend to forget the misrepresentations that were presented to us during the campaign run: both sides painting their own picture of the other, all in the hopes to sway our votes their way. 1,012 more words