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Watch: Cowabunga Bay Direct TV Parody

All week we have given you the opportunity to win a family 4 pack of tickets to Las Vegas’ the newest water park  Cowabunga Bay… 81 more words


'The West Wing' newbie recap: Old McBartlet had a farm, part 2

Season 3 | Episode 3 | “Manchester: Part II” | Aired Oct 17, 2001

Before we start this week, let’s take a moment to praise… 1,042 more words

Rob Lowe vs. Owen Jones: The most random Twitter feud so far this year?

The world is no stranger to Twitter beef, but the unlikeliest of feuds has ignited between Rob Lowe and Owen Jones.

The Hollywood actor has been weighing in on the current financial crisis in Greece… 281 more words


This Day in History: 'St. Elmo's Fire' Turns 30

On June 28, 1985, the film St. Elmo’s Fire was released in theaters. The film focuses on seven friends and recent Georgetown University graduates adjusting to post-college life, while attempting to figure out what they want to do with their lives. 47 more words


St. Elmo's Fire Might Be the Worst Movie Ever

Worst Movies Ever is a new feature in which our staff highlight films that failed in every way imaginable to deliver a palatable cinematic experience. It’s further proof that a budget, star power, and talent alone cannot guarantee a watchable movie. 1,970 more words

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'The West Wing' newbie recap: Old McBartlet had a farm, part 1

Season 3 | Episode 2 | “Manchester: Part 1″ | Aired Oct. 10, 2001

Now this is more like it. After last week’s lesson on terrorism, Islam, and intolerance, … 1,240 more words

The Outsiders: the Ranking

One of my favourite books happens to be S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and subsequently on of my favourite movies happens to be The Outsiders. I love the movie for two reasons… 1,076 more words