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Lisa Loves Showbiz: Alec Baldwin Tapped To Star In NBC's "A Few Good Men" Live

Are you ready for the truth? Can you handle the truth? As Jack Nicholson once said, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Well apparently, Alec Baldwin can. 153 more words


Viral Video: Rob Lowe Paddleboards With Sharks!!!

Rob Lowe got a head start on Shark Week by paddleboarding with TWO great white sharks!

Rob Lowe paddleboarded with great white sharks. Why? Because he’s ROB FRICKIN’ LOWE, that’s why.


Episode 29: Grab Bag II

The Grab Bag is BACK!  Almost a year ago we terrorized our listeners with a random assortment of terrors, and we are doing it again!  Your butts should be held, and your y’alls should be ready for this, because we are going to pull some horrors out of the nightmare bag! 182 more words


Ο μεσήλικας Rob Lowe δίνει μαθήματα ανεπιτήδευτου (και ανθεκτικού) σεξαπίλ μέσω Instagram.

Όταν είσαι 53 ετών, φοράς όλα σου τα ρούχα και φωτογραφίζεσαι μπροστά από μια τεράστια σημαία, είναι μάλλον εξαιρετικά δύσκολο να δείχνεις σέξι.

Αλλά αυτό, φυσικά, δεν ισχύει και για τον μη κοινό θνητό …


SFR 421: One For the Road

–It’s a summer Saturday evening, and what’s on our mind? Fidget spinners, apparently. Jason doesn’t understand the hype, but Bobby just happens to have about five of them in his pocket to show off. 288 more words


'West Wing' Characters Ranked By How Likely They Would Be To Catch Bigfoot

We’re all aware Rob Lowe now has a television show where he and his sons search for Bigfoot, right? I mean, they do more than that, apparently, based on… 329 more words

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Rob Lowe Is Aware His Bigfoot Story Makes Him Look Crazy, But He Thought He "Was Going To Be Killed"

Big foot exists! How do we know? Actor Rob Lowe says so.

The Parks & Rec actor has a new docuseries TV show called The Lowe Files. 172 more words