Quiz Show (1994)

This movie’s based on a true story; I don’t know how closely, nor, as usual, do I care. And the main message is not its truth, in particular, but how much better a person Robert Redford is than you are. 317 more words

'Law & Order: SVU' fan recap: We are all Jane

Season 16 | Episode 18 | “Devastating Story” | Aired Apr 1, 2015

Parents, I implore you. DO NOT let your high school senior apply to Hudson University. 1,012 more words

Quiz Show (1994)

I watched this film (Quiz Show) for the first time the other day and figured “hey, why not divulge my thoughts via my new wordpress page”? 592 more words

Film Review

Syfy goes for a Spin

Syfy is adapting Robert Charles Wilson’s novel Spin as a six-hour miniseries.

The story follows a young scientist trying to save humanity from the impending apocalypse of a mysterious, impenetrable cloud that has enveloped the entire Earth, blacking out the stars. 46 more words


Mr. Miracle - 12/8/14

This is not to be confused with the other Debbie Macomber “Mrs. Miracle” books, nor the DC comic book hero “Mister Miracle”, nor even the 80s soft rock band, “Mr. 1,477 more words

Movie Review: Mr. Miracle

I don’t usually review movies on here as the focus of this blog is books, but I need to review this movie (it is a book, too).   288 more words

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