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How green is your valley?

I’ve heard the future whirring on the streets of Presteigne – and it comes with a low electronic hum.

For thirty years, the retired milk float that now picks up people’s rubbish and veggie peelings and packaging in quiet Radnorshire, once made its round in Glasgow – now it finds itself picking up the greenest of empties in the greenest of towns. 385 more words


Theatr Colwyn re-opens

According to one Haiku writer, you only live twice: but not if you’re an impressive lump of red brick, portico and sandstone which stands as a landmark in the middle of Colwyn Bay you don’t. 489 more words


Saving Wrexham FC

Yesterday morning Wrexham FC was facing the very real possibility that the club would not be allowed to start the footballing season because of financial difficulties. 584 more words


Cofiwch Drefaldwyn

There’s a famous piece of graffiti on a wall in Ceredigion that says ‘Remember Tryweryn’

The Welsh history I was taught at school didn’t wander as far as what happened when the Tryweryn Valley was flooded to provide a reservoir to serve Liverpool: But it’s a history lesson that’s been invoked often by people campaigning against the massive windfarm, power hub and pylon plans for upland Montgomeryshire, another power plan from outside Wales which would change the balance of the countryside.. 424 more words


Tales of a different nature

Mid-Wales reporter Rob Shelley has been out and about this week, looking at two very different sorts of tale… 

War Stories

They say that from the air, each city has its own individual shape. 669 more words


Today marks the start of 'Hayferiority'

In a small city called Hamilton, Ontario, there’s a restaurant which also acts as a theatre, with a big sign over the door saying “Restauarantainment”. You can watch Othello and eat chips at the same time. 575 more words


Opera star singles out Wales' Air Ambulance for charity

Take one small studio, add a male and female voice choir, throw in world-famous opera star Bryn Terfel, and you have quite a special sound. 276 more words