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Four films we watched in the shop

Even though science says humans can’t multi task (we can however switch tasks with “astonishing speed”), we put movies on in the shop. Admittedly we don’t really “watch” them so much as we get a feel for whether or not we might actually like to. 490 more words


Why Does Everyone Hate Rob Zombie?: My Opinion in One Minute

I guess I understand both sides of the argument. I just feel like lately people have been hating on him recently because it’s been the cool thing to do. 185 more words


2005 Project Batch 8 aka Tarantino Edition: Domino, Hustle & Flow, and The Devil's Rejects

The 2005 Project continues. This time, I decided to do something a little different, as my research on the popular critical opinions of ten years ago landed on Quentin Tarantino’s list of his favorite movies of 2005. 1,063 more words

2005 Films

Zombies invade your nearest online store

So there’s this struggling group of developers making a game true to George a Romero’s style of zombie filled fun.  That games name is The Dead Linger, in development by a company called… 119 more words

This Side Of Pluto

Episode 57: Givin the Daredevil his Due

This weeks marvelous podcast starts out by giving the devil his due as Netflix unleashes the long awaited Daredevil series and we finally get to see The Vision from Age of Ultron, concept art for Archangel from Xmen Apocalypse, Yellowjacket, The Thing and what is up with those Star Wars Digital downloads? 219 more words

The Walking Dead

Maniac clowns and Halloween collide in Rob Zombie's new horror film 31

There’s a good chance you didn’t even know Rob Zombie had a new horror film on the horizon. That film, 31, has been quietly working hard to become a reality over that last several months, and the main reason why it has been so low-key is because Zombie took the crowdfunding route with this one. 491 more words




Prolific character actor Richard Dysart passed away earlier this week. A hard working TV and film veteran best known to genre fans for his roles in John Frankenheimer’s… 15 more words