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Il ne vous a certainement pas échappé que, ces derniers jours, Phil Anselmo (ex-Pantera, Down, Superjoint, etc.), acteur incontournable de la scène metal américaine depuis des dizaines d’années, s’est foutu dans un sacré bourbier. 892 more words


Opinion – Racism in Heavy Metal – Phil Anselmo

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks you will have noticed that out of all the millions of heavy metal fans around the world, one of them has recently been found to be racist. 1,255 more words



I’m a bit behind the rest of the world but today I figured I’d throw my two pence into the whole Phil Anselmo debate.  When I say debate, what I really mean is I am going to agree with everyone else.   525 more words


Phil Anselmo Apologizes

Phil Anselmo, the former singer of Pantera and current Down frontman may have felt the heat and backlash from some anti-Semitic words and gestures he made at Dimebash 2016. 393 more words


Racism, Metal, and Phil Anselmo

So if you have a passing interest in metal music you’ll have heard of Pantera. And if you’re a metal head you’ll know who  138 more words

A New Level of Ignorance: A Ranty Thing About the Phil Anselmo Controversy

Note: This is a bit rambly, but it practically fell out of me, and I wanted to keep it honest and real, so I’m publishing it as-is, with no apologies. 558 more words

Phil Anselmo Apologises For "White Power" Outburst At Dimebash

DOWN and former PANTERA frontman Phil Anselmo has apologised for comments he made at last week’s Dimebash event in Hollywood. 213 more words

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