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Deceptions of Satan revealed by children's show "Lazy Town" Part 1

By Derek Jordan

How simple is it for the devil to deceive us?

Could it be as easy as it is for Robbie Rotten, a children’s television villain, to deceive the upright children of… 649 more words


Writing for Robbie Rotten

A rubbery face. Physical grace. Comedy gold all over the place.

That’s Stefan Karl, the gifted actor who plays Robbie Rotten in the global hit series… 471 more words


Mooselicker Says: What you are about to read was written by a woman named Laura Wilson. I don’t know much about her, but she seems to hate Iceland and after this I’m thinking I do too. 792 more words


Our moment with Sportacus from 'LazyTown'

Today we packed up some sports candy (bananas, apples) and hit the road to meet Sportacus from “LazyTown!”

My son, Nico, 4, is a huge fan of the TV series “LazyTown.” So his mommy (that would be me) is always looking up stuff online about the show for him, and we scored today with a face-to-face meeting.  533 more words

Who is This???

On Sunday, we took the kiddies to Sesame Place.  As part of our trip, we had special reservations to see the LazyTown Live show.  CheezWaster loves LazyTown  and shows off all of his super cool moves while the show is on.  200 more words

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