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Week of August 17, 2015


Dirty, Flashy Money: Miami & Scamming Athletes

As if being a professional athlete doesn’t attract enough leeches, try being one in Miami. It’s not surprising that con men are swindling athletes out of money, but I’m shocked at how easily careless and shortsighted folks get million-dollar checks from people. 1,061 more words

Corporate Communism in American Soccer?

Sporting Kansas City wants everyone to know that two of their principal owners did not, in the presence of Robert Andrew Powell, say anything that might indicate that Major League Soccer franchise owners have a fairly low regard for their laborers beyond the ability to control them. 1,720 more words

This Love Is Not For Cowards

Salvation and Soccer in Ciudad Juárez

Robert Andrew Powell, 2012, Bloomsbury USA

That soccer can be used to describe the state of a society is a common theme in this blog. 390 more words


Book Review: This Love is Not for Cowards

After finishing the behemoth that is 2666 by Roberto Bolano, I became fascinated by the real ‘Santa Theresa’ – Ciudad Juarez. I researched online, and helped by some handily timed British TV programs about the Drugs Cartels (an episode of Unreported World in particular) developed my understanding of the situation, and utter sadness of the situation for those affected by the troubles whilst trying to lead a normal life. 1,382 more words


Este Amor No Es Para Cobardes

“If you’re not positive, you’re not growing,” he argued. “You’re already dead, and the bullet hasn’t even found you yet.” –p. 148 

The key to living in Ciudad Juárez is not to care about the dead bodies–it’s to see beyond the bodies. 1,031 more words

Pop Culture

Book review: "This Love Is Not For Cowards"

I don’t buy a lot of books. I do once in a while, or I’ll trade books with my parents.

Until a few days ago, every book I’d ever read or bought was the actual book. 766 more words