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Gas tax increase for roads gets support from Governor Bentley

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Right now people in Alabama are paying 16 cents in state tax per gallon of gasoline. Counties and cities tack on more. 449 more words


Governor Bentley issues statement on USDOT investigation

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) – On Wednesday morning, Governor Robert Bentley issued a statement regarding the investigation from the U.S. Department of Transportation into the closure of Alabama Driver License offices. 413 more words


Um, could it be, Me-di-caid?

Person at a cocktail party to me: Do you think the Governor will expand Medicaid

Me to the person: If the past is prelude I think he will consider it for another two years then let the next governor decide, thus allowing many more people to be killed by lack of access to health care in Alabama then will ever be killed by terrorists in Alabama.

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Syrian Refugees: To Welcome or Not To Welcome

More than 60 percent of the nation’s governors now oppose the Obama administration’s plans to relocate thousands of Syrian refugees into their states.

There are currently 31 governors of states located across the country that disagree with allowing these refugees. 491 more words

Refugees relieved Alabama off the table

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MOVYLOS, GREECE — Syrian refugees on Tuesday expressed their relief that the state of Alabama would no longer welcome them, noting that Alabama is a backwoods desolate wasteland that’s only slightly preferable to their war-torn homeland. 394 more words


A Bluer Shade of Red

As a denizen of a red state plopped firmly median in the American South and with, as it turns out, the proper spectrum dichotomy of “left versus right” in terms of the ever more “conservative” Mississippi to our left, and “less-conservative” Georgia to our right; my state of Alabama is not a state much mentioned in the national news for reasons, dear reader, that I could only surmise as sheer boredom akin to sparse selections in a your doctors waiting room. 806 more words

Fighting Words

Why We Must Let the Syrian Refugees In

*Since writing this post, 31 U.S. governors have announced that Syrian Refugees will not be allowed to settle in their states.  

Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, announced on Sunday night that , after the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13. 821 more words