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The anti-Israel Human Rights Watch masquerades as a human rights organization

Human Rights Watch ‘Deeply Implicated in BDS and Other Forms of Political Warfare’ Against Israel
by Barney Breen-Portnoy
February 24, 2017

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is “deeply implicated in BDS and other forms of political warfare” against the Jewish state, a watchdog group… 103 more words

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Tales of Suspense #45 (09/10/1963)

Tales of Suspense #45 opens in an almost James Bond-like way, with Iron Man jetting along the highway on his rocket skates because he late to participate in a racing event as Tony Stark. 499 more words

Silver Age Comic

Tales of Suspense #44 (08/10/1963)

In Tales of Suspense #44 Tony Stark heads to Egypt to assist an archeologist friend with excavating the tomb Hatap, the Mad Pharaoh. Naturally, it turns out that Hatap is actually still alive and forces Stark to go back in time with him to defeat Cleopatra and claim the kingdom of Egypt. 154 more words

Silver Age Comic

Journey Into Mystery #95 (08/10/1963)

Apparently being a medical doctor also means that you can also build a sophisticated android with super intelligence, because that’s exactly what Dr. Blake does in… 259 more words

Silver Age Comic

Tales of Suspense #43 (07/10/1963)

One thing that is becoming abundantly clear to me as I’ve been reading my way through these Marvel comics is that below the Earth’s surface is one mighty crowded place during the Silver Age of the Marvel Universe. 200 more words

Silver Age Comic

Tales of Suspense #40 (04/10/1963)

Tales of Suspense #40 sees Iron Man turn golden after scaring the crap out of kids. Also in this issue the people of Glenville have decided to cut themselves off from the outside world and have built a wall around the town. 159 more words

Silver Age Comic

Strange Tales #108 (05/10/1963)

Wilhelm van Vile, a counterfeiter put away by the Human Torch discovers an alien artifact, magical paint that makes the user’s paintings come to life. Naturally, he seeks to get revenge on the Human Torch for pointing out Abe Lincoln’s sideburns and the only limits are his imagination. 145 more words

Silver Age Comic