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The Clear Air of October - Robert Bly - Analysis

A different poem for a contrast … a bit like an abstract compared to a landscape painting …

The Clear Air of October

I can see outside the gold wings without birds… 272 more words

Poetry Analysis

Men: Growing beyond "boyish naivete"

Was Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist, right about American men — a century ago?

In 1912, when the groundbreaking psychologist took a ship to the U.S., he was taken aback by the way husbands acted around wives. 1,308 more words

The Search

Definition #307 Writing

“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald

Starting a Poem

by Robert Bly

You’re alone. Then there’s a knock… 105 more words


Lyric Essentials: Margaret Stawowy reads Three Poems by Robert Bly

Sundress: Welcome to Lyric Essentials, where writers and poets share with us a passage or poem which is “essential” to their bookshelf, and who they are as a writer. 2,399 more words


Just a Day

So you miss a day.
So what?
Your world will move on.
Dwell not on the failure of yesterday.
It’s past.
Start anew again.
Today’s just begun.

Man (Men) – You Should Read This!

Thoughts Provoked by The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy

Pat Conroy is one of my all time favorite writers. All of his novels center around one man, who narrates the story, but they are not “men’s fiction.” As a man who is more than his testosterone, I have long struggled to find male writers who touch upon the “whole-man” – heart, mind, body soul – and “manly stuff.” Tom Clancy and that whole brood always seemed so one-dimensional – as if any man who had not gone through Quantico was not a man at all. 670 more words


To Say

There are a million ways
To say the same thing
And a million and one
To say it slightly different
Or to say the same thing… 20 more words