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Walking with the Wild Man

The essence of manhood is the subject of much debate in the modern era. It can be tough to navigate through this dialogue at times but… 634 more words


Folktale and Myth for Modern Times - The Handless Maiden

The Handless Maiden is a European folk tale that I first read in the Jungian analyst Robert Johnson’s wonderful book on the archetypal male and female wounds: “ 2,068 more words


America: Land of Denial

In these relevant and poignant words Robert Bly lifts up literature, art, and poetry as our best cultural weapons against the toxic denial that’s eating at the soul of our nation.   457 more words


Hölderlin Interpretations

Last night and this evening I’ve been writing interpretations of sections from Hölderlin, especially from Brod und Wein. I admire Hölderlin enormously. I wonder why he hasn’t had a vogue here? 651 more words

Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 294

I’m drawn to Robert Bly’s poems. They have a clean, meditative quality like a Chinese painting. Imagistic and anti-intellectual, spiritual but not religious.
Do you gravitate toward this kind of style? 222 more words


What Writing Is

Right from the track one felt
reasonably adept to write,
back up what’s to be said.
But language unfurled in one’s
mind then clumped up–so ugh. 307 more words


It's the Dream We Carry

It’s the Dream
Translated from the Norwegian by Robert Bly

Some poems become touchstones, words you carry with you and turn over and over in your mind. 77 more words