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Fathers and Sons

For reasons too personal to go into here, it is very important to me to regain some sense of confidence and pride in being a male. 529 more words

The Wise Men

I’m trying to empty my mind.
A settlement of peace.
I enumerate my desires.
Bly says to desire is sweet.
A fragrance.
I hope to one day embody that. 38 more words

Saturday Morning

anywhere in wind.
What is it that I want? Not money,
Not a large desk, not a house with ten rooms.
This is what I want to do: to sit here, 37 more words


Every story begins with a name

What if the very first words you read on this blog were, “I love you?”

Would you think it was clever? Or would you think it was obnoxious? 1,337 more words

Slowly, deliberately, voluptuously

“The joy of being alone, eating the honey of words.”

Robert Bly, from “It’s as if Someone Else Is with Me,” Eating the Honey of Words… 298 more words


The Clear Air of October - Robert Bly - Analysis

A different poem for a contrast … a bit like an abstract compared to a landscape painting …

The Clear Air of October

I can see outside the gold wings without birds… 272 more words

Poetry Analysis