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I'm trying to remember (1992-1995)

1. Needful Things
2. Waiting for Godot
3. A Gathering of Men
4. Being and Time
5. Parmenides

LAST THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: losing our leaves

“It is not our job to remain whole. We came to lose our leaves like the trees, and be born again, drawing up from the great roots.” –Robert Bly…

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Words Rising

“We are bees then; our honey is language.”
– Robert Bly


I open my journal, write a few

sounds with green ink, and suddenly… 301 more words

The Unauthorized Use of Something I Read



A Facebook friend, Stanley K. Ridgley, PhD., has written The Complete Guide to Business School Presenting.  I was so taken by an excerpt of the book on the speaker’s use of the ‘Pause’, a teaser which Stanley had posted online, that I purchased the book. 885 more words

Robert Bly: "I have decided to blame no one for my life...."

Isn’t it time to choose the better story? Step one: be present, choose to blame no one, just for today… (Simple but not easy!) 130 more words


I have decided to blame no one for my life

Sunday is a good day for reading poetry, wouldn’t you agree?

Sometimes poetry comes in the form of images, sometimes in words. Here is from the beginning of  85 more words

The Dailies: September 11, 2016

At The Writer’s Almanac, Robert Bly has

Sleeping Faces

Tonight the first fall rain washes away my sly distance.
I have decided to blame no one for my life. 87 more words