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Two Ramages of Intent

The truth always seemes to lie
Between intentions I often misread.
I’m sad that I’m not with you,
But fear the loss and humiliation. 24 more words

The Third Body

Hola mi Gente,
It’s a beautiful day today here at the Center of the Known Universe. Unfortunately, I have to spend the day looking for a place to live. 206 more words

Two Ramages of Body

I have created a body that is a barrier.
A body likely to end my life earlier.
A body of mud and misery.
A body of wormwood. 25 more words

Two Ramages of Desire

I understand what I am.
I define myself through others.
I wasn’t meant to love.
Only desire.

I live out unrealized fantasies.
That I will always leave unrealized. 12 more words

Three Ramages

What I want from you,
I can never get.
I don’t even know what I want,
But I know I’m not getting it.

II… 44 more words

Two Deletion Ramages

I delete the messages, so I’m not reminded of crippling loneliness.
It reinforces my delusion of control.
I wrest my semblance of it.
I have control. 29 more words

Three Ramages

At home sits a book I must read
It will inform me of my failings
I read it still
Knowing its end

Whenever I think I’ve got it, I don’t… 40 more words