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The rich mindset, the idea muscle and on-the-side-business

A whole book in James Altucher’s typical style. 

Packed. Informative. Entertaining. A little chaotic. Jumping quickly between styles, digressing, then getting back on track. Interlaced with stories illustrating his points. 576 more words



One of the most frequently quoted Psychologists in my marketing classes was Robert Cialdini. He has a PhD in Psychology and spends most of his research in the field of Marketing, commonly interpreted as the application of psychology. 321 more words

How My Brain Works

Video: Science of Persuasion

“When making a decision, it would be nice to think that people consider all the available information in order to guide their thinking, but the reality is very often different.” – Robert Cialdini, Science of Persuasion…

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Blogging for Results - The Psychology of Persuasion

All bloggers want to believe their efforts will compel their readers to take action. After all, the power of the written word has changed societies—even compelled nations to go to war. 664 more words

Inbound Marketing

Nudge: The Implementation of a social innovation

The UK Government’s Behavioural Insights team has been reported as implementing a highly successful social innovation through influencing or ‘nudging’ personal decisions

The announcement this week… 833 more words

Heuristieken bij evenementen: autoriteit [5]

In deze serie blogartikelen bespreek ik hoe event organisatoren gebruik kunnen maken van heuristieken om bezoekers te stimuleren om het evenement te bezoeken. Eerder verschenen in  artikelen over… 480 more words

Event Marketing