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Robert Cialdini

A person with a difficult-to-pronounce foreign name would likely be in an inferior position to one with an easy-to-pronounce foreign name.

– Robert Cialdini

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Robert Cialdini

Cultivate optimism by choosing before hand to look on the bright side of situations, events, and future possibilities.

– Robert Cialdini

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Like a Boss.

For a change, this is going to be a short post, written in a few minutes. It feels so liberating not having to put a week of research into a post :) 309 more words

Book Summary: Pre-Suasion

Target chuting / Framing

asking a question if someone’s happy (not happy or unhappy) results in 375% more likely to declare happy Framing

– Surveys “Do you consider yourself a helpful person?” (77% vs 22% success rate) 418 more words

Book Summaries


More than three years ago, I wrote about Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuasion, and what it takes for business presenters to appear convincing, credible and trusty in front of their audience. 350 more words



Eyyy how’s it going?
I’m here with another book review, really enjoyed this one. It’s call “Pre-Sausion” by Robert Cialdini. It talks about how people are influence by external factors before they make decisions or buy things. 126 more words


Public Policy Book Club - Pre-Suasion

On Monday, March 27th, the Public Policy Book Club will be discussing “Pre-Suasian: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade” by Robert Cialdini.  If you are interested in joining, email… 287 more words