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23 books I finished in 2016

There’s a part of me that believes ‘You are what you read”.   Some years ago I realized that I was not reading much aside from magazines, newspapers, and marketing and advertising industry articles.   615 more words

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It's Not Like This Is 1937, Yet--So Choose Battles Wisely

Of course Trump is “not normal.”  Not even close.  But progressives and liberals will do well to turn away now, for the most part, from process issues and focus on the pain that most Americans, including many if not most Trump voters, are about to feel.   449 more words

Robert Cialdini: Influence and Pre-Suasion

Whenever you buy anything on the internet today, it is almost certain you are buying from a site that has been designed explicitly to use one of the principles of influence that Robert Cialdini clarified, named, and described. 925 more words

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6 Principles of Influence You Have to Learn Before Kicking-off Your Internships

I learned of Robert Cialdini  and his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasionfrom a guest speaker in my graduate class, Web Design for Organizations, at USC Annenberg. 116 more words


Why Should I Read | Influence

We tend to focus on a single piece of information when making choices.

Most of the time this helps. Here’s how.

Recently, on a flight from Singapore to the US, I was eating sushi with my brother in the Tokyo airport. 848 more words


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make her drink should really be:

“You can get a horse to drink, but only if you lead him to water.”

–Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini

Gurus and Mentors - When to leave them and their advices behind

By: Heero Yuy


So… Here in my backyard guy Tai Lopez is pretty infamous on the internet for his “proven steps” on how to not be “materialistic” with his new Lambo because “knowledge” and “books” are so much better to get more “fuel units.” Don’t be a cynic! 411 more words