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A review of book "Influence" 

A book review by Mark Bowser of “Influence” by Robert Cialdini.

If you received a Christmas card from someone you didn’t know would you write them one back? In a study conducted in 1974 Phillip Kunz actually tested this by selecting 600 names at random from the phone book and mailing them cards during the holidays.

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Who Are You Voting For?

“…voters weren’t using their reasoning faculties to analyze the facts; they were using reason to preserve their partisan certainty”

How We Decide, Jonah Lehrer…

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Marketing Tactics: The Persuasion of Scarcity

I’m sure there has been at least once in your life that scarcity has caused you to purchase something, or do something you probably shouldn’t have. 385 more words


Five Books You Should Read Before You Turn 30

Little differences over a long lifetime create big disparities. This is the nature of compounding. If you make decisions only a little better than your cohort that should translate into a big difference over a lifetime. 434 more words


Heuristieken bij evenementen: schaarste [6]

In deze serie blogartikelen bespreek ik hoe event organisatoren gebruik kunnen maken van heuristieken om bezoekers te stimuleren om het evenement te bezoeken. Dit laatste artikel gaat over schaarste. 398 more words

Event Marketing

What to Say About Money at The Annual Meeting

Few clergy I know enjoy planning for and conducting the parish annual meeting. Holding elections, hearing reports, and presenting the budget to the membership feel like functions so unrelated to “real” parish ministry. 1,719 more words

Church Stewardship