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Happy Thursday MMT Fam! Being boxing fans and eager to see this release, both Darryl and myself felt obligated to share thoughts about the Roberto Duran biopic… 790 more words

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Another reason to love Robert de Niro...

He does tai chi!  Ok, so it was for a film but he’s looking good.  Love the focus in his eyes, looking “upright, comfortable and relaxed” as my teacher also tells me to be. 66 more words


Grace Hightower, Robert De Niro's Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Philanthropist Grace Hightower has been married to two-time Oscar-winner Robert De Niro since 1997. Hightower has been active with charitable causes in New York and around the world. 1,181 more words


REVIEW: Hands of Stone

It’s generally always a pleasure to hear the voice of Robert DeNiro, but “Hands of Stone” writer/director Jonathan Jakubowicz finds a way to render it ineffective. 343 more words

Movie Reviews

Raging Bull: A Knock-Out Classic

Martin Scorsese’s 1980 masterpiece Raging Bull is a biographical drama starring Robert De Niro which tells the story of boxer Jake LaMotta. Filmed in black and white it’s still arguably the best film ever directed by Scorsese. 431 more words


Usher fights for masculinity in ‘Hands of Stone’

LOS ANGELES-On June 20, 1980, professional boxers Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard squared off for fifteen rounds in the “Brawl in Montreal.” Duran, with a record of 71-1, beats the formerly undefeated Leonard, taking his WBC Welterweight Champion title. 573 more words


Roberto Durán, 'Hands Of Stone,' And Why You Never Turn A Heel Into A Babyface

At one point during Hands of Stone, Sugar Ray Leonard, played by the beloved recording artist Usher, climbs atop his willing wife, having apparently decided that abstinence is no longer part of his pre-fight regimen. 1,698 more words