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Some jobs are something that you do. Some jobs, however, are something that you are. And the problem with those lines of work is when your employer inevitably cuts you loose, you don’t just lose your meal ticket, you lose your sense of purpose. 976 more words


Goodfellas: Ryan's Movie Reviews #6

Hello and welcome to Ryan’s Movie Reviews! As a heads up, this review will not spoil anything in the film but will refer to scenes. You can go ahead and read this and nothing would be spoilt when you watch Goodfellas, but it’d be better if you watched the film first then read my review. 1,211 more words


Robert De Niro from Raging Bull to Ranting Null

Robert De Niro from Raging Bull to Ranting Bull

Great actors many times exceed their own abilities when they attempt to parse words outside those that were scripted for them. 164 more words

Goodfellas: A Riveting Review

Brief Description 

Goodfellas is the story of a man named Henry Hill who aspires to become a gangster from a young age. Based on a true story, the movie focuses on Henry’s aspiring career as he grows up and fulfills his dream. 771 more words

The Showdown

There are many directors that get criticized for focusing more on the style aspect of their film making. Some of the biggest names in this list include legends of the industry such as Brian De Palma. 343 more words

Framed Thoughts

Ronin (1998)

Duration 2h 2m Rating (UK) 15 Source of story An original screenplay Writers/Script J.D. Zeik, David Mamet Additional Info 246 more words

CRIME CULTURE: Den of Thieves

This is the first instalment of a new regular series from True Crime News Weekly looking at ‘crime’ in the media and across pop culture. We’ll investigate how realistic it is, how accurate it is, and how good it is. 977 more words