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When The Legends Die (1972)

At a time when the rodeo movie was in vogue thanks to titles like Junior Bonner, The Honkers and JW Coop, this slow moving yet rewarding entry was released that saw Richard Widmark getting a role with some bite opposite a young Frederic Forrest shining in a low key performance. 861 more words

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#NoodleDay @noodlescompany October 6

Coach4aday blog posts are written by John Rancke and I. We write daily about leadership, food, people, music, our granddaughters, Lumberton NC, and things that pique our curiosity. 296 more words


You Bother Me About a Fucking Steak





“Don’t overcook it. You overcook it, it defeats its own purpose.”






“ALRIGHT Alright.” !!!







The Cheese Grater


(When I was a Child, we always had a hunk of Pecorino and we grated it on a Box Grater over our Maccheroni, as Robert DeNiro Does here in Martin Scorsese s RAGING BULL  … 156 more words

Watch The Movie Vaxxed! You'll Wish You Could Be UnVaxxed!

Vaxxed; The Movie – a Robert DeNiro commentary! Are you one of those deceived into believing vaccines are good?  Here’s a question nobody is answering, and the propagandists are not even asking.  167 more words

Hard Ticket to Heaven: Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

“My movies were the kind they show in prisons and airplanes, because nobody can leave.”

It’s not too often we here on the site lament the loss of a legend. 520 more words

Hard Ticket To Heaven

George Clooney Is The Highest-Paid Actor In Hollywood, Thanks To Tequila

Who says the movie star is dead? A lot of people! This is an age in which content is king, not actors, who are mere empty vessels for fictional characters more famous than they are. 380 more words

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Why do I even know who Omarosa is?

So Trump fired Omarosa and Omarosa is now following the Jim Comey path of post-Trump financial fortune by telling her side of the story in book form.  166 more words