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Throwback Thursday: Goodfellas

Goodfellas tells the true story of Henry Hill as he enters and finds his place in the mafia. This Martin Scorsese classic (and once-upon-a-time holder of the most f-bombs in cinema history record) created new narrative and film techniques that added a refreshing take on the gangster/mob genre… 333 more words

In The Trump Presidency, America Has Become 'Public Enemy Number 1' At World Government Summit -- If He's Leading, There's Nary a Follower Here


WASHINGTON – Yes, globalism is not a conspiracy theory, except for those who practice it.

And that fact was on public display in Dubai this weekend featuring experts like Robert DeNiro on climate change, Goldie Hawn on making kids happy, actor Forest Whitaker on how women and youth are keys to solving global challenges, Grammy winner Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas on technology and development, Malcolm Gladwell on government’s role in shaping prosperous societies and Ariana Huffington on the Third Women’s Revolution. 918 more words

Rorschach Meets TAXI DRIVER


Alan Moore’s ground breaking comic book THE WATCHMEN was brilliant. A comment on the defunct CHARLETON COMICS characters, and a comment on comic books in general. 180 more words

16oz Cinema Episode 3

In our third episode we talk about 80s non-franchise, sequel-free horror flicks:


Angel Heart


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Killer Elite (2011)

It was midday in the blazing hot desert, Oman, early 1980s…. Jason Stanham was making small talk to Robert Deniro… before you know it… the police escorted business man rolling into town… to be received by blazing M16… with Deniro on the trigger! 169 more words


“Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.” 682 more words

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