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#BOBBY DENIRO NEVER KNEW TONY SOPRANO: FILE UNDER THINGS THAT SHOCK MOI"http://pagesix.com/2015/08/28/robert-de-niro-has-never-seen-the-sopranos/?_ga=1.110606081.503274386.1408992262

I hope some of you find this interesting???I did, but that is likely because I adored the Soprano’s and all it was-And- I am also a huge DeNiro fan.The fact that it never occurred to me that he not only did not know or hang with(yes, that’s how accurate and realistic Gandolofini and the casts portrayal was- and you know- all mob types hang out n character off set lol), but he never even WATCHED IT. 131 more words

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Goodfellas: He's One of Us

Goodfellas is based on the novel ‘Wiseguy’,by Nicholas Pileggi who also co-wrote the screenplay to the movie. This film is about a young man, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) who grows up around and amidst the mob and works very hard to get to the top of the ladder and rise through the ranks. 815 more words


Analyze this

Paul Vitti: So, did you take care of that thing I asked you about?

Carlo: It’s all right to talk business in front of your friend? 167 more words


So after my Dog Day Afternoon review, I decided that I should be focusing this month collectively on just a few of the great american auteur films of the 70’s. 138 more words


Angel Heart

Not even horror films possess the amount of spookiness that permeates every frame of this detective thriller.



A visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum is a powerful experience. John Oliver hilariously starts own church. And my annual tribute to the late great Jim Murray

In New York City, the reminders of 9/11 are never too far from your mind. The new Freedom Tower is hard to miss, and going into Lower Manhattan for any reason always makes me think of what happened there now almost 14 years ago. 900 more words