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Sports Betting Is Legal Now. (I Want To Apologize To My Wife In Advance)

It’s official, America is Great again! I don’t think ol’ Donny long tits had anything to do with it this time. The Supreme Court voted 7-2 that the banning of sports betting was unconstitutional. 279 more words


Free - Watch The Full Length Version Of Vaxxed! Vaccines Are Deadly & Actor Robert DeNiro Got Behind This Documentary & Did A Good Job!

Vaxxed – The Movie    This movie exposes the fraud of the vaccine industry and their corruption.  Watch it during this limited engagement for free.

Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts… 28 more words

Is Barstool Big Cat And Don Fanucci From The Godfather: Part II The Same Person? A Conspiracy Theory...

Folks I did 0 market research and honestly have no idea if anyone else alive agrees with me here but these are my thoughts and you will read them. 250 more words


Taxi Driver 2 - Deconstruction

Known for its unique style, Taxi Driver (1976) was a film that made even the crew nervous and ‘offended their sensibilities’ with its innovative shot construction, according to Director of photography Michael Chapman. 1,415 more words

Sound And Image

Michelle Obama Calls Herself The ‘Forever First Lady’

Michelle Obama, 54, addressed thousands of high school students with confidence for the 2018 College Signing Day in Philadelphia at Temple University on May 2 and she was brave enough to call herself the “forever First Lady”!  221 more words


Goodfellas (1990) - Review

Everyone knows what a mobster looks like. We know how they talk, how they dress, how they relate to each other. We know about their secret rituals, and about the iron rules they live by. 474 more words


Double Feature #57 - The Public Enemy and Goodfellas

On this week’s post, we’re going to cover some gangster films, first one of the earliest and best, and then one of the greatest of all-time. 3,336 more words

Double Feature