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'Hands of Stone' is a split decision

Hands of Stone (2016)

Directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz

A few months ago, after seeing “Dirty Grandpa,” I made a plea to screenwriters to give screen icon… 742 more words


Watch Robert De Niro Sit Through Jimmy Fallon's Robert De Niro Impression

Robert De Niro went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Monday night, where he sat next to yet another person doing a De Niro impression: Jimmy Fallon. 126 more words

Star Struck

Robert DeNiro’s in town to visit his mother who is in the Cleveland Clinic (this was several years ago). My daughter’s favorite actor in all the world. 832 more words

The Power Of Words

Rupert Pupkin is Jordan Belfort is Rupert Pupkin. | The Brilliance of 'The King Of Comedy'.

I’m planning on making a video essay on the two films that I speak about in this post soon. Hence, this analysis is restricted to just one small element in the two films. 955 more words


Who is the essential American Super Hero?

We live in the Super Hero Generation. Making sense as to why our culture is intoxicated by the hero ideal involves the interpretation of multiple factors: 467 more words

Review: Dirty Grandpa

I chose this poster for a very specific reason. Robert DeNiro is one of our generation’s most respected and legendary actors, but this? This is the kind of film that dwindles that respect. 420 more words


Intern of the year! 

​What started as somewhat a reluctance to a film I suspected would be slow, fruitless, and just plain tedious, turned out to be a truly special collaboration. 162 more words