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Donald Trump vs. the Internet: Celebrities Turn to Viral Videos, Social Media to Blast Candidate

Donald Trump’s rise on the national stage¬†was fueled by Twitter, letting him circumvent the mainstream media by tweeting directly to his 12.6 million followers… 1,306 more words


Deniro and Hoffman film

Many many years ago I made a vow that I would watch every single Robert DeNiro (and Al Pacino movie) that I could. At the time I felt like I was “studying” them (and in some sense I still think I was!). 854 more words


Robert DeNiro Threatens To Punch Donald Trump in Hillary Campaign Ad

This guy has been a caricature of himself in movies for the last 30 years. Stick with the anti vaccine material Bob…~TS

In a new campaign ad for Hillary Clinton, Goodfellas star Robert DeNiro says he wants to punch Donald Trump in the face and calls him a conman and a “mutt.” Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. ¬© 2016 by Mark Dice

Hillary Clinton

Richard Pryor

Richard highlights the strange link between the Italians and the Africans in this bewildering country…

This is hilarious too, it is perhaps the earlier Richard Pryor available:



Always the low key ones you have to watch for when you find their passion bucket.

This made me smile quite a bit…


Robert De Niro Claps Back at Jon Voight's Criticism of His Anti-Trump Stance

Following anti-Donald Trump comments filmed as part of the celebrity-packed #VoteYourFuture project, Robert De Niro is going all in on his stance on the Republican nominee… 202 more words

Summer Soldiers, and Mega-Pussies

Meet Americas leading pussy Paul Ryan. First to jump ship on Trump after revelation of a hot mike moment where Trump said some lewd things about women…..11 years ago. 281 more words