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The All Nighter - Trailer 

The All Nighter looks pretty amusing. The role J.K. Simmons plays–a concerned father who’s daughter has gone missing-vaguely reminds me of Liam Neeson’s character in the Taken movies, but geared toward comedy. 99 more words


Robert De Niro + Kennedy Anti-Mercury Press Conference National Club

Press coverage of this event was almost non-existent–even after InfoWars flew to Washington, DC for the press conference, they had virtually no coverage.  The following video is the best that I have seen. 60 more words

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Robert DeNiro and Robert Kennedy Hold Press Conference on Toxic Mercury in Vaccines

By Jon Rappoport | Feb 15, 2017

DEVELOPING… I’ve just received word that, in a few minutes, at the National Press Club, in Washington DC, Robert De Niro and Robert F Kennedy Jr. 189 more words

Political Theatre

DeNiro is a very un-funny "Comedian"

By Jim Tortolano

If you are a fan or admirer of Robert DeNiro, you are familiar with many of the highlights of his long career. We all admired his performances in “Taxi,” “Godfather II” and “Cape Fear.” We also appreciated his versatility to do light comedy in “Analyze This” and “The Intern.” 267 more words

Jim Tortolano

Cop and Robber

Michael Mann’s Heat is one of the greatest crime movies ever made. Let’s talk about why.

Neil Macauley is a professional thief who runs a crew that has been taking down major scores all over Los Angeles, from armored car robberies to highly technical burglaries. 966 more words

A Look Back: This Boy's Life

Two years ago, moviegoers had a prime opportunity to see Leonardo DiCaprio play a brave frontiersman who gets dramatically mauled by a bear. It was a masterful performance which earned him an Oscar. 531 more words

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One of the big-studio films out there that has absolutely flown right under the radar here at Nerd Nation (which, to be fair, isn’t so much an actual radar device as it is just an obsessive gorging on film news by a handful of geeks… 697 more words