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My 5 Favourite Actor's

– Robin Williams –

 An inspiration & favourite actor to many. But why is he my favorite? I grew up watching his film’s. From Mrs. Doubtfire, where he wanted to do the best for his 3 kids, 2 girls & 1 boy. 547 more words

Let's Appreciate: Ronin

A superb political action thriller with more twists and turns than the Nürburgring. Robert DeNiro in a great performance, a great supporting cast including Sean Bean, Jean Reno, and Stellan Skarsgard. 11 more words


Robert Deniro Is Anne Hathaway's Intern In 'The Intern' Trailer, Which Gives Away The Entire Movie

As a non-Baby Boomer, I would assume these “Hey look, old people can do stuff too!” movies would be patronizing and offensive to my parents’ generation, but it always seems to be other Boomers behind them. 179 more words

Film Drunk

Falling In Love

Plot: Two married strangers meet randomly, become friends, and fall in love.

I can’t say this film really won me over. It’s a pretty standard romance film with nothing really that notable about it. 305 more words


Exercises in Argument #2: The Raging Bull of Tom Brady and Kimye at the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

Waiving off the brunch waiter, a woman patiently waits alone. She sits at a table for two. Her bag rests in the other chair in a way that suggests she’s saving it for someone else. 1,422 more words

Exercises In Argument

Let's Remember The Huge Stars Who Have Humiliated Themselves On 'SNL'

Sometimes they do it to get a laugh, sometimes they’re forced into it by bad writing, but no matter how good an actor you are, if you agree to host… 779 more words