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My Favourite Comedy Movie: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [2005]

I don’t go for comedies. Ever. My partner loves them but I love horror and thriller (and I win most arguments about film) so we tend to stick to my choices. 373 more words


Chef - A Three-Year-Too-Late Review

Yesterday, Tuesday 8th August 2017, I watched Chef for the second time – three years after it was released.

Here’s what I thought…

True Tales

Spiderman Homecoming World Premiere - Tom Holland Zendaya #SpiderManHomecoming

Spiderman Homecoming World Premiere – Tom Holland Zendaya #SpiderManHomecoming

Iron Man Armored Suits Have THIS One Big Weakness

It’s been almost a decade since Iron Man got on the big screen and since that time, Tony Stark has been seen wearing various cool Iron Man suits. 303 more words


Did 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Hint Towards Iron Man's Bleeding Edge Armor?

You thought the Hulkbuster was cool.

Well, Marvel fan or not, everybody will be amazed to see what the Bleeding Edge Armor can do. It has been rumored that Tony Stark will use this specific armor later on in the MCU, presumably in Phase 4. 397 more words


Spider Man - Homecoming 

Overall score: 76%

Best things: It was pretty dang funny. I think it was really cool how Peter Parker didn’t all the sudden become the perfect crime fighting superhero just cause a spider bite gave him abilities. 93 more words


Spider-Man: Homecoming


Of all of Stan Lee’s famous superheroes, Spider-Man was always my favourite when I was growing up. While I dipped in and out of many of the other comics, this was the one I kept coming back to. 606 more words