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New IronMan: black & 16 years old

The Marvel Universe is getting a new character, or rather an update to an already existing character. Marvel recently changed up arrogant billionaire Stony Stark’s character- Iron Man into a woman and even more shocking- a teenage black woman. 301 more words


Words Crush Wednesday - Robert Downey Jr Edition

RDJ is one of my favourite actors. He’s been through it. He’s made mistakes. He makes no excuses. He’s a straight shooter. Badass. Unapologetic. Human. 19 more words

Blogging Shizz

Captain America: Civil War


I’ve been going through a severe bout of spandex withdrawal recently, so I approached this film with extreme caution, despite having heard several favourable reports. 468 more words


Movie Review: Captain America Civil War (No Spoilers)

I went to see Captain America last night.  I admit, this wasn’t my number one film to see this year.  That spot was reserved for Batman v. 522 more words

Random Thoughts

Iron Man Review

“A fun, wild action film about a genius millionaire in a high tech metal suit, learning how to fight another millionaire in a bigger high tech metal suit”

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Day 23: 5 Talented People

Today as the challenge asks me, I’m going to post 5 pictures of famous people I find attractive. As you’ve guest today it will be more about images than actual writing (and you call yourself a writing challenge). 314 more words



Its been a long time since I last posted. I was going to a turmoil of emotion from a personal loss and I needed time to come to terms with the situation. 60 more words

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