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Nikki Haley, Israel and Lebanon: When Ignorance is Not Bliss

Under a broiling hot midday sun on the south Lebanese-Israeli border this summer, an extraordinary and very angry meeting took place between two major generals: the 60-year-old Irish UN force commander in Lebanon and the 54-year-old deputy chief of staff of the Israeli army. 1,424 more words


Pig’s Blood Bullets: Trump’s Big Lie About the Philippines and US Massacre of Moro Muslims

I don’t know what the people of Barcelona think about Trump’s demented and repulsive tale of bullets and pig’s blood – but I know what Mark Twain would have said. 1,016 more words


When Syrian War Ends, Woe to the Kurds

It was a tree-lined street – the white acacias are blooming in Aleppo at this time of year – and the apartment block was, as we journalists used to say, unassuming. 1,315 more words


Isis propaganda comes across the radio waves, but the Syrian army is steadily advancing

Isis propaganda comes across the radio waves

his is the third installment in Robert Fisk’s series from Syria

For 60 miles across the vast desert of eastern Syria, far beyond the trashed Roman ruins of Palmyra, the army of Syria is moving through the hot grey sands towards the besieged garrison city of… 1,537 more words


Syrian army was fighting ISIS before US intervention

The Syrian army were standing up to Isis long before the Americans ever fired a missile

The survivors of this army, and their families will expect their sacrifice to be respected and, indeed, rewarded… 1,526 more words


Robert Fisk - Life after ISIS (2016)

The biggest defeat Isis has suffered is that refugees fleeing conflict in Syria and Iraq have come to Europe instead of migrating to the territories controlled by the jihadist militant group, according to journalist and author Robert Fisk. 54 more words

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Out of the Ruins of Aleppo: a Syrian Community Begins to Rebuild

The crumpled heap of stones, all that is left of the minaret of the Great Mosque of Aleppo, asks questions of us all. How do we “restore” or “repair” or “rebuild” a jewel of Seljuk civilization from which millions of Muslims – perhaps even Saladin himself – were called to prayer five times each day for 900 years in one of the oldest cities of the world? 1,555 more words