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A subversão do documento |André Rouillé


Para a próxima aula tentaremos discutir a crise da fotografia documental e a emergência da fotografia-expressão.

Para quem tem livro do André Rouillé, sugiro a leitura dos capítulos “Crise da fotografia-documento”,  pp. 46 more words


Smile. It's only photography.

In the words of W. Eugene Smith, one of the great practitioners of humanistic photography, “What use is having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?” 15 more words


Defining Documentary

Contemporary documentary photography draws on many traditions to shape its current form. There are no boundaries in what defines documentary photography, though some guidelines might limit its definition somewhat. 771 more words

1 Part 1 Introducing Documentary

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152MC- Crime Photography Artist Research

I looked at work by Thomas Demand who is a sculptor and photographer. He was suggested to me during a group tutorial and it just so happened that the next day I started reading ‘Image Makers, Image Takers’ by Anne Celine Jaeger which is part of this module’s essential reading and the first interview in the book was with Thomas Demand. 772 more words


Brief History of Documentary Photography

Documentary photography chronicles significant and historical events. The term ‘Documentary’ antedates the genre itself that is traced back to 1800s.

During the American Civil War in the 1850s, documentary photography became prominent with notable photographers… 222 more words