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"Street Photography Now" is a great book which desperately needs an update

Street photography has always been a popular genre in the world of photography. It takes a prominent position in the body of work of famous photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank and Diane Arbus. 512 more words

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Photographing America's Polarizing Political Process

In 1955, the Swiss photographer Robert Frank crisscrossed America, creating the now iconic work, The Americans, which drew the controversial picture of an imperfect country. 340 more words

"...the instantaneous reaction...."

“It is always the instantaneous reaction to oneself that produces a photograph.”
– Robert Frank

New York City

Photo of the Day: Robert Frank, 1958

I’m going to try an experiment I’m calling “Photo of the Day,” wherein I post a photo I’ve come across and fallen in love with. I’m hoping it stimulates my not leaving this blog idle for so long. 340 more words



The pew would be the only straight thing in their life from that day on. The simple vow of ‘I do’ was all they needed, and they held on tightly. 39 more words

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A Cornell economist who studies luck says the more you acknowledge good fortune, the better off you are

“Luck is not a subject you can mention in the presence of self-made men,” the writer E.B. White once observed. Indeed, many accomplished people bristle at the suggestion that chance played a role in their success, preferring to attribute their achievements to talent and hard work alone. 1,778 more words

“The life of Robert is an immense onion,” the filmmaker Laura Israel told me recently. “I kept finding things out. Most people, you reach a point, you have them.

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