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Yes, gear does matter

It might feel unusual to start this series of articles on photography, talking about gear. However, I feel that we should exhaust this topic early on, so that the reader can understand better what is important and what is just noise. 923 more words

Bill Brandt

Η νταντά και οι καλαμαράδες (Vivian Maier)

Πρέπει να το παραδεχτούμε ότι έχει τη πλάκα του. Το φαινόμενο Vivian Maier αποκαλύπτει πολλά και σε πολλά επίπεδα αρθρωμένα. Ουσιαστικά αποδομεί τους διεφθαρμένους μηχανισμούς της Τέχνης-όχι δεν τους ανατρέπει, απλά λειτουργεί αποδομητικά σε θεωρητικό τουλάχιστον επίπεδο και αυτό δεν είναι λίγο για όσους θέλουν να ελπίζουν σε κάτι αληθινά καλύτερο στο βαλτωμένο χώρο της Φωτογραφίας. 15 more words

Robert Frank

“An American Journey: In Robert Frank's Footsteps”

To make “An American Journey: In Robert Frank’s Footsteps” (2009), a half century after Swiss-German-Jewish immigrant photographer Robert Frank (born in Zurich in 1924) took to the road for two years on a Guggenheim fellowship, Philippe Seclier set out to follow Frank’s itinerary and try to find people and places that had made it into Frank’s (1958 in French, 1959 in English) book… 739 more words


Cruel & Tender: Pt 1

The title for the third & final task for this term’s unit is “Cruel & Tender”.

For this this location-based project, I should:

  • Research other photographers’ work & plan my own shooting.
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Photographic Media, Techniques & Technology - Unit 23

"Pull My Daisy" - A Rant About Beatniks

It’s 5AM in New York – the Lower East Side to be precise.

Like most New Yorkers you’re tired, anxious, a little caustic in tone. There never seems to be enough time to get anything done, and on top of that, you feel as if you’ve only had about an hour’s sleep on which to function. 862 more words

Issue 001

America’s Most Expensive House ... Times Two by ROBERT FRANK

Near Los Angeles, the most expensive house in the nation is on the market for $250 million, but one is rising nearby that may cost half a billion.. 10 more words


Are you lucky?

Don’t Tell Your Friends They’re Lucky

Cornell professor of economics Robert Frank says he’s alive today because of “pure dumb luck.” In 2007, he collapsed on a tennis court, struck down by what was later diagnosed as a case of sudden cardiac death, something only 2 percent of victims survive. 91 more words

Behavioral Economics