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Back in 1955, Robert Frank, a Swiss citizen who eight year earlier had moved to the Big Apple, received a grant from the Guggenheim Foundation to complete a series of shots to depict America of the 50s. 343 more words


Don't Blink - Robert Frank

When Robert Frank put out a book of his photographs called The Americans in 1958, it was panned by critics. They called him an angry, joyless, outsider. 334 more words


Robert Frank: HOLD STILL—keep going (Steidl, 2001)

HOLD STILL—keep going explores the role of film in Robert Frank’s work, and the interaction between the still and moving image that has engaged him since the late 1950s. 157 more words


Laura Israel's documentary Don't Blink - Robert Frank turns the camera on American popular culture

The Sydney Morning Herald, by Craig Mathieson, November 24, 2016.

Everywhere that Laura Israel travels with Don’t Blink – Robert Frank, her documentary about the influential American photographer and filmmaker, she finds traces of her subject’s work and presence. 55 more words


The Diane Arbus List: Photographers Discuss the Legend's Early Days

Whether in painting, music, literature, as in all the Arts, we tend to know the masters’ oeuvres inside-out. We know Johannes Vermeer had 34 paintings; we know that Beethoven had nine symphonies. 276 more words

Basic Income Guarantee: It’s Coming!

Basic Income Guarantee: It’s Coming!

By Shlomo Maital  


     President-elect Trump promised many things in his election campaign. One of his promises was to restore the lost jobs of steelmakers in Pennsylvania and coal miners in West Virginia. 425 more words

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Photos: Robert Frank – The Americans

Robert Frank is considered to be the most influential living photographer in the world. This Swiss-born American artist documented lie and cultures including the Beats, Welsh coal miners, Peruvian Indians, The Rolling Stones, London bankers and, most famously, Americans of all kinds. 195 more words