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What I Might Have Done

What I Might Have Done
Is a poison of uncertainty
seeping through my mind.
What if, what if…Would I be happier,
Would I be more alive? 156 more words


Wallace and the jar

Wallace Stevens was an American poet with a strong sense of imagination. He believed that reality was an activity, not a static object. Perhaps that’s why he tried to preserve things in jars? 56 more words


Bigly and other words to avoid


Thousands of grammar nerds cringed while watching the final U.S. presidential debate this week. Republican candidate Donald Trump said “bigly”—not once, but twice—while trying to discredit his “pumped up” opponent. 248 more words


The Road Taken-Balletto Vineyards

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both…*

So begins the frequently referenced Robert Frost poem which alludes to choices made, paths traveled, destinies missed and revealed. 754 more words

Weekend Wines

Life Ramblings

By Claire Gault

One of my favorite Robert Frost poems begins with, “Why make so much of fragmentary blue?” This line has resonated with me ever since reading it. 262 more words


Word Cloud: DARKLING


The long days of summer are a pleasant memory. Now the warm days grow fewer, and the Autumn nights are longer, with winter-chill in the wee hours. 2,913 more words


October leaves, a lot to be desired

After we finished raking for the third time in three weeks, I wrenched my spine back into position and looked up at the crown of our productive crabapple tree. 327 more words