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In Hardwood Groves by Robert Frost

The same leaves over and over again!
They fall from giving shade above,
To make one texture of faded brown
And fit the earth like a leather glove. 59 more words


August 27, 1938: Poets Gone Wild

Some say the world will end in fire, / Some say in ice. / From what I’ve tasted of desire / I hold with those who favor fire. 338 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

A Life of Regret

Everything is great.

It was the best of times.

Everything is horrible.

It was the worst of times.

I am large. I contain multitudes.

#YOLO… 599 more words

Moments of Joy

My favorite poem of all times is Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost. This is such a short poem and it is so true. It is a reminder to treasure those very special moments of joy in life because they don’t last. 628 more words

Misc. Writings


This morning my friend Brian sent me a link to these amazing interactive videos that Google put together about many of our National Parks.

And by Googling around I just now found a great site called… 111 more words

90/365 Miles To Go

I made a little thing inspired by Robert Frost from when I was in Maine.