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Gates v. Trump

So many people warned the country. Yes, right there in the mainstream media. Here are some quotes from former Director of Central Intelligence and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a Republican, taken from a Wall Street Journal op-ed, quoted in Jake Mimller, “Bob Gates: Donald Trump ‘unfit to be commander-in-chief,'” … 109 more words

Robert Gates

My (unpublished) letter to The Guardian about NATO pursuing regime change in Libya

Dear Sir/Madam

Discussing President Obama’s 2011 Libya intervention Julian Borger asserts the “US went to the United Nations for backing for military action, but then – in Moscow’s eyes at least – abused the mandate by pursuing regime change” (‘From healthcare to foreign policy – the achievement, and the disappointments’, 4 January). 125 more words

UK Foreign Policy


At the time of the first Fukushima earthquake, I argued (as did many Japanese investigators) that the quake and tsunami had been deliberately and artificially created and triggered. 1,280 more words


Where Are We?/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

The former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, was fond of telling his charges: “We are where we are–not where we want to be.” In a negotiation, it is easy to talk about what could have been and what should have been. 134 more words

Civil Divorce

All of the presidents I served were strong personalities with strongly held views about the world. But each surrounded himself with independent-minded, knowledgeable and experienced advisers who would tell the president what he needed to hear, not what he wanted to hear.

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