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The Next Best Thing to an Actual Star Trek TV Show: Amazon Developing a Galaxy Quest Series

For a variety of very complicated legal reasons, Star Trek remains a film-only franchise, despite the occasional rumor that CBS might be taking pitches for a new… 679 more words

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In 1968, ABC News, which then was third in the country behind CBS and NBC attempted to boost their ratings by hosting a series of nationally televised debates between novelist and liberal, Gore Vidal and conservative, William F. 130 more words

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Best of Enemies

From the desk of The Movie Snob.

Best of Enemies  (B+).  This may be the first documentary I have seen this year.  It is about the Republican and Democratic National Conventions of 1968, and more particularly about ABC’s decision not to provide wall-to-wall, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the conventions, but rather to broadcast only selected highlights from the conventions, followed by “debates” between a well-known provocateur from each end of the political spectrum.  169 more words

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Black Zoo (1963)

Welcome to Conrad’s Animal Kingdom. Sounds like a nice place to take the wife and kids. That is until you see the owner and caretaker. It’s Michael Gough which instantly puts this into the stomach turning horror category of the era. 652 more words

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REVIEW: Best of Enemies

Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon’s “Best of Enemies” invites you to remember a different era, the 1960s.  While one could dub this decade a crisis of authority, as my AP US History textbook did, it certainly had its advantages. 391 more words

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Two things wise and educate people are advised not to discuss are religion and politics. The reason that wise and educated people are advised to avoid such topics is simple; everyone has their own beliefs. 668 more words


Vidal V. Buckley

While it’s the candidates making headlines with their bold remarks now, back in the day it was the commentators most people watched closely during elections. 126 more words

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