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Review: 'Conclave' by Robert Harris

Last weekend, I reviewed the first book I’d read out of obligation for a few years. It hadn’t been a great experience – mostly, a book I had to step back, take some distance form and say ‘just not for me’. 409 more words


Ghostly writing

The Ghost by Robert Harris

A body washes up on the deserted coastline of America’s most exclusive holiday retreat. But it’s no open-and-shut case of suicide.

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A book has come out recently on the subject of bestsellers:The Bestseller Code: Anatomy of a Blockbuster Novel. In it the authors, two Stamford academics, Jodie Archer and Matthew Jockers, describe how they created an algorithm and then used it to scan 20,000… 805 more words


"Conclave" by Robert Harris

I think “Conclave” is the best Robert Harris book so far. He’s produced an empathic immersion into the closed world of the College of Cardinals, that manages to be compassionate, truthful and have just enough tension in it to keep you turning the pages while still having the people, rather than the plot, at the heart of the novel. 459 more words

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Robert Harris - Conclave

‘No sane man could possibly want the papacy’ : Listening for the still, small voice

Robert Harris’ prior existence as a political journalist always informs his writing, bringing specific skills to his novels: being concise, not overwriting, clearly giving information and opening out moral arguments in ways which are far from dry and academic; he is an excellent communicator. 838 more words

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Review: Conclave by Robert Harris

As the title of Robert Harris’s new novel suggests, Conclave is about a hypothetical 2018 papal conclave. After the death of the pope (who, though unnamed, has a lot in common with Francis) the cardinals gather in the Sistine Chapel to vote in his successor. 364 more words

Book Review

Conclave by Robert Harris

The Pope is dead, long live the Pope…

:D :D :D :D :)

Cardinal Lomeli fears the worst when he gets an urgent summons to the bedside of the elderly Pope. 994 more words

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