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July 24

What was advertised in a colonial newspaper 250 years ago today?

“ROBERT HARRIS, At the sign of the Golden Pestle, in Second-street.”

Not only did a variety of shop signs announce where entrepreneurs operated their businesses, those signs also aided colonists in… 317 more words

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Conspirata by Robert Harris

The middle book of the trilogy,  Conspirata encompasses Cicero’s life during his Consulship and the subsequent fall out from the Catiline Conspiracy.  Through the voice of Tiro, the uber secretary, the author continues an excellent reading experience chock full of history enhanced with intrigue and emotion.   90 more words

Book Review

Are you looking to add some fashion-forward accessories to add to your summer wardrobe? Stylistic Science has just what you’re looking for.

Transparent brim snapback, front view… 339 more words

The Fear Index by Robert Harris (2011)

As most of you will be aware, the Chicago Board of Exchange operates what is known as the S and P 500 Volatility Index, or VIX. 4,304 more words


Review: Pompeii

Pompeii by Robert Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the story of a latter day Super Mario, an Italian plumber who overcomes very difficult challenges to fix the water supply to Napoli and surrounding areas before the local volcano erupts to ruin everything for everybody. 307 more words

Book Review

Imperium, by Robert Harris: A Review

Imperium, by Robert Harris, is the first taste I have ever received of Classical orientated writing. Although not strictly a classical book, Imperium is a ‘Thoroughly researched’ account of the life and political endeavours of the pros writer, poet, advocate and consul of  The Republic of Rome, in 60BC, Marcus Tullius Cicero. 247 more words


Imperium and Lustrum


By Robert Harris

Published: 4th September 2006 and 8th October 2009

By: Hutchison

Rating: 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑

Synopsis: The first book in the trilogy, Imperium, deals with Cicero’s rise through his prosecution of Verres, his pursuit of consulship and the beginnings of his dealings with one of his greatest foes, Catilina. 275 more words